Being away from home is hard when you have a pet. First, you need to make sure that your cat (or dog) is getting enough food when you’re not around. You also want some assurance that your pet won’t damage the furniture, ruin the carpet, or chew your shoes.

Then there’s the emotional stress, constant worrying, and the separation anxiety (yes, the struggle is real). Do you find yourself thinking of your cat while working on something? Sometimes pictures and videos aren’t enough. Overall, it’s a roller coaster ride.

Petcube Care app

Thankfully, there’s Petcube Care, a cloud video recording service that automatically records your pet’s activities, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, allowing hard-working pet parents to monitor their pets while at work and view videos of your pooch or kitty in real time.

It works with Petcube Play 2 and Petcube Bites 2. Here are 10 awesome benefits of using the service.

1. Solve mysteries.

Catch the sofa monster or the shoe eater. Crack complex cases with Petcube Care.

2. Care for your sick pet.

It’s hard to leave Fido especially when he’s sick. Petcube Care helps you monitor your pet anytime, anywhere. Catch dangerous symptoms or abnormal behaviors before it's too late.

3. Enjoy peace of mind.

Nothing beats having a stress-free workday knowing your pet is safe, even at night. Petcube Care will automatically record video if the motion or noise sensor goes off.

4. You’re always updated.

You won’t miss the milestones and precious moments. At any time, you can replay and rewind your entire timeline of the video.

5. Instant home security protection.

Petcube Care doubles as a home security system with AI-powered motion, noise, pet, and human detection so you can identify intruders and dangers at home. To get a closer view, you can use the pinch-to-zoom feature on the Petcube App.

6. You’ll understand your pet better.

Petcube Care records all your pet’s activities, giving you precious insights into their behavior and habits.

7. Memories are securely stored on the cloud.

Petcube Care records up to 10 days of video on the cloud. Access the saved videos via your timeline.

8. Real-time updates.

When your kitty or doggy is active, Petcube Care is automatically recording thanks to motion and sound detection - so you always know where they are and when they're moving. There are 2 modes that give you full control of notifications — Awake and Sleep.

9. Shareable videos and pictures.

Love is doubled when shared with your family and friends - show off your pet's best moments via the share options on the menu.

Owners of any Petcube device can activate a free trial of Petcube Care. Petcube Care subscriptions start at $2.99/month or $29/year.

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