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— Angela Vuckovic
How To Stop A Dog From Chewing

Is your pooch a little Chewbacca? Meaning they chew everything from your favorite pair of shoes to those beautiful throw pillows »

— Angela Vuckovic
How to Train your Dog: Comprehensive Guide

It might surprise you to hear this, but living with a dog is not all fun and games. No matter how »

— Daria Staverska
Are Laser Pointers Bad for Cats

Laser pointers and cats are always fun. We could watch our small predators chasing the red dot forever. The animal has »

— Rachel McVey
How to Train a Puppy

Puppies are cute. Your new puppy is, obviously, the cutest. But you know what’s not cute? Your new puppy destroying »

— Rachel Youens
How to Stop a Dog from Barking

New puppy ownership sounds exciting but it doesn't come without a few rough patches. Separation anxiety and excessive barking are two »

— Ali Smith
How to Stop your Dog from Stealing Food

Many dog owners are familiar with the problem of their dogs stealing food from kitchen counters or even the dinner table. »

— Tenley Haraldson
The Best Way To Panic When Your Cat Brings Live Animals Inside

So, you’ve got a pet that likes to bring you live animals. How precious. They somehow sneak critters in right »

— Gene Ryan Briones
6 Supplies for Senior Pets

Senior pets are special not because they’re old, but because they’re sweet and obedient. They may not be as »

— Gene Ryan Briones
12 Steps to Cat-Proof and Dog-Proof Your Christmas Tree

It ain’t Christmas without the Christmas tree. Each year, families gather to fashion the best Christmas bush. But for pet »

— Guest Author
Holiday Tips for Safe Pet Care at Thanksgiving

Celebrating Thanksgiving with friends and family is a festive occasion that requires additional preparation, particularly if you own pets. New members »

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