Choosing the right diet for a cat with pancreatitis could be quite tricky since they need extra care and a special diet to alleviate their condition. In this article, we will be revealing the right diet to feed a cat with pancreatitis and how you can treat pancreatitis in cats at home.

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  1. What to Feed a Cat with Pancreatitis
  2. How to Treat Pancreatitis in Cats at Home
  3. Prognosis for Cats with Pancreatitis
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What to Feed a Cat with Pancreatitis

Pancreatitis simply means inflammation of the pancreas, a delicate condition in cats which requires intensive care and special feeding. Studies show that enteral feeding is beneficial to cats with pancreatitis because it allows food to get to the stomach even when the cat doesn’t feel like eating.

Due to their inappetance, liquid diets are used through enteral feeding which could be nasoesophageal, nasogastric or through nasoduodenal tubes. A good diet like the CliniCare® Canine/Feline Liquid Diet should help improve immune response, decrease morbidity, increase and stabilise gastrointestinal function.

Diets are picked based on their ability to provide cats with pancreatitis the necessary nutrition they need, these qualities includes:

  • Moderate Level of Protein
  • Moderate Fat levels
  • Digestible
  • Free from persistent organic pollutants

After an examination carried out on cat foods, pops residues like polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) were found in food containing fish flavors. Natural ingredients are prone to have these pops including polychlorinated biphenyls, perfluorooctanesulfonate and PBDEs.

These residues were chemicals used in production or preservation of those raw materials. The choice of diet is best recommended by a Veterinarian after classifying the condition. Recommendations depend on the dietary needs of the cat and the stage of pancreatitis. Some may need higher protein while others may not.

In an analysis conducted, it was revealed that an early use of enteral feeding method especially in acute pancreatitis aid in a faster return to voluntary feeding. The caveat has always been to get the Cat to start eating on its own.

How to Treat Pancreatitis in Cats at Home

Outpatient and home treatment can only be possible with mild cases or with cats who are already recovering under the guidance of a Veterinarian. Appetite stimulants are given to help boost its appetite, only until the cat proves anorexic is enteral feeding introduced.

“When managing cats with pancreatitis, it is more important that cat eats than what they eat, thus the esophageal tube”? - Dr. Elizabeth Colleran

Cat owners who prefer to treat their cat at home would need to learn how to administer diet fluid through tubes themselves. Medications could be given by a visiting Veterinarian depending on how the therapy is arranged.

In the case of any treatment cost, we can help offset some of the fees by providing a $3000 coverage in emergency Vet fees package and a 27% discount by subscribing using the exclusive link.

Cats with mild cases of pancreatitis mostly need a diet type directed toward reducing lipid, fibre and moderating protein. In cases of nausea/vomiting and complications, fluid therapy, antiemetics, anti-inflammatory drugs and painkillers are prescribed.

Prognosis for Cats with Pancreatitis

The prognosis of a cat with pancreatitis depends on some factors such as the stage of pancreatitis, early diagnosis, quality therapy and how well the cat responds to treatment.

My colleague’s cat had just survived pancreatitis, she noticed her cat refused to eat and took it to the Veterinarian for some examination. After proper examination and tests carried out, pancreatitis was diagnosed and treated accordingly. Her cat recovered faster because she reported to the Veterinarian timely.

For mild cases of pancreatitis, the prognosis is usually good if all are in place, but cases that are already chronic or advanced might have a poor prognosis due to complications caused by pancreatitis.


How long does pancreatitis last in cats?

Pancreatitis in cats could last for a few days or weeks depending on the severity and treatment available.

Can stress cause pancreatitis in cats?

The pancreas is very sensitive to stress which could be a leading factor to pancreatitis in cats.

How to help a cat with pancreatitis gain weight?

The primary concern is to get a cat to regain its appetite and eat on its own, after which the weight gain comes in.


There are many commercially available special diets for cats with Pancreatitis, the Veterinarian is the best person to recommend a diet for your cat. Such a diet should have moderate fat, protein and focus on alleviating the condition by boosting the immune system and enhancing GIT functions. Diagnosing pancreatitis in cats early enough gives them a better chance at recovering.

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