Ah, those unforgettable moments in life, like the day we first laid eyes on our furry companions and the joy of bringing them home. Thinking about adding a new dog to your family? In this article, we’ll talk about some important things to consider before deciding to take the plunge.

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  1. Should I Get a Dog
  2. Should I Get a Male or Female Dog
  3. Should I Get A Second Dog
  4. Conclusion

Should I Get a Dog

Your Living Environment

Is your living environment dog-friendly? While your home doesn’t have to be big, it should have enough space for your new furry pal to move and play. If you’re living in an apartment without a yard, check if there are parks or walkable areas nearby that are accessible. Not all dogs can thrive in a bustling city, so consider whether your home can address their needs. Renting? Make sure that pets are allowed before bringing one home.

Matters of Cleanliness

Owning a dog means accepting some messiness. If you're a neat freak who can't handle the occasional chaos, think twice about getting a dog. Dog-proofing your space is crucial, and if you're a bit messy, make sure your home is safe for your furry friend. A tidy house isn't just for looks, it's safer for your pup too.

Social and Behavioral Issues

All dogs need some training and socializing. Improper socialization may cause behavioral issues later in life, According to the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior. But note that even with training and socialization, behavioral issues may still arise, especially when responding to certain triggers. Each dog is unique, so consider if you have the time and resources to support them if issues arise.

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Time Investment

Owning a dog requires significant time, commitment care, training, and companionship. If you have a busy schedule or are frequently out, it might not be ideal. Assess your lifestyle and responsibilities to ensure you can meet a dog's needs. Puppies demand even more attention, and neglecting training can lead to destructive behaviors.

Costs Involved

According to ASCPA, the costs of dog ownership in the first year can reach up to $3,221. These costs include supplies like food, toys, training, vet visits, and grooming. Calculate these expenses alongside your budget. Also, consider the possibility of emergencies.

Should I Get a Male or Female Dog

Focus on compatibility over gender. Consider their personality, activity level, and past experiences. Experts Dr. Gary Richter, holistic vet, founder of Montclair Veterinary Hospital & Holistic Veterinary Care; and Nicole Ellis, Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA) agree that sex is less important than how a dog fits with your lifestyle. Spaying or neutering affects behavior and health, but training plays a significant role too. Ultimately, it's about finding the right match for you and your household, regardless of gender.

Should I Get A Second Dog

Before adding a second dog to your family, it's crucial to address key questions and take the necessary steps to ensure both dogs receive proper training and adjustment support. Many experts advise waiting until your first dog is at least one to two years old before introducing a new addition.


Dogs are the best companions. If you’re thinking of bringing a new dog home, however, it is important to consider the above factors to ensure that you are prepared.

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