If you’re a dog owner and ever find yourself wondering, “Why does my dog sleep under my bed?” you’ve come to the right place. Many dog pawrents have experienced the two glittering eyes staring out at them from beneath the bed and have wondered what this is all about.

Odd though it may seem, there are several reasons your canine companion is hanging out under the bed. Let’s explore this topic together.

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  2. Why Does My Dog Keep Going Under the Bed
  3. Why Does My Dog Hide Under the Bed
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Why Does My Dog Sleep Under My Bed

Let’s be honest, dogs can have some pretty peculiar habits (much like their owners, to be fair). One common quirk is the preference to sleep under the bed. Here are a few reasons why your dog may choose this spot:

  • Safety and security: In the wild, dogs will seek out small, enclosed spaces to sleep in. This helps them feel protected against predators, and the space beneath your bed may offer that.
  • Comfort and coolness: During the summer months, it can be slightly cooler under your bed, allowing your dog to still be near you but somewhat cooler.
  • Privacy: The area under your bed might be where your dog goes to have a moment alone. According to research, your dog does need alone time.

Dr. Meaghan Thomas, a veterinarian at East Ridge Animal Hospital, explains on Rover.com that dogs like to have a den-like space. “It can become a safe space for them, such as under the table or in a kennel. Dogs often retreat to these safe spaces due to injury, illness, and anxiety.”

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Why Does My Dog Keep Going Under the Bed

There are a few potential reasons why your dog goes under the bed. Identifying what’s causing the behavior can greatly assist you in managing any potential issues.

  • They’re anxious or stressed: if your dog is feeling stressed or anxious, they will seek out a safe place to hide. Research indicates that anxiety can result from loud noises, sudden changes in the home, or even separation anxiety.
  • They have a health issue: if your dog is feeling unwell, they will seek out somewhere to hide. Look out for other symptoms of the illness, such as lethargy, loss of appetite, and changes in behavior.
  • They have a behavioral issue: dogs can sometimes develop routines and habits that may seem strange to us. Going under the bed might just be a comforting behavior your dog has picked up.

Why Does My Dog Hide Under the Bed

There’s a big difference between your dog seeking out a quiet place for a nap under your bed, and your dog hiding there. If your dog is hiding under your bed, your first question should be, “What are they hiding from?”

Usually, your dog will hide from a perceived threat. So, assess your home and try to figure out what is causing your dog's fear. Is there a stranger or visitor in your home? Did you get a new pet? Is there a noise?

If nothing is obviously scaring your dog, they may be hiding because they're sick. In the wild, a sick dog is a vulnerable one, so they will usually find a safe spot to hide until they feel better.

Not sure what your dog is hiding? Why not enlist the help of your handy Petcube Cam? This will allow you some insight into your dog’s world when you’re not around.


Why does my dog sleep under the bed?

Your dog may choose to sleep under your bed for security, comfort, or even privacy. The area under your bed is an enclosed space that feels safe and is still close to you.

Should I let my dog sleep under the bed?

If your dog is happy there, there’s no reason they shouldn’t sleep under your bed. Make sure it’s clean and free from any hazards. If your dog is hiding there, it’s important to investigate why.

Why does my dog hide under the bed?

Illness, anxiety, and fear are the common reasons why your dog is hiding under the bed. Monitor this closely and seek advice from a veterinarian if necessary.

Final Thoughts

There’s a very big difference between a dog choosing to sleep under the bed out of preference and a dog hiding under the bed out of fear or due to illness. It's important to know and understand both, as well as intervene if necessary to ensure their well-being and happiness.

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