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— Oleh Boiko
Why Do Dogs Beg for Food and How Can You Stop It?

Is your dog begging for food despite being fed already? Learn more about this behavior and how you can discourage it. »

— Joanna Que
Tail Chasing and Tail Biting in Dogs: Why Do Dogs Chase Their Tails?

If you've ever wondered why is your dog chasing her tail, read about tail chasing and tail biting in dogs to understand the reasons for this behavior. »

— Oleh Boiko
Choosing a Pup Breed 101: 10 Easiest Dog Breeds for Novice Owners

Looking for a pooch? Check out the ten best first-time dog breeds. Read on and choose a pup matching your lifestyle and training preferences. »

— Claudia Smargiasso
Why do Dogs Eat Grass? Another Weird Dog Behavior Explained

Should you worry if your pup eats grass? Discover what causes this behavior, learn if it's safe for your dog, and how to get your dog to stop eating grass. »

— Joanna Que
A Look Into The Possibility of Autism in Dogs: Can Dogs Have Autism?

Can a dog have autism? Veterinarians don't rule out the existence of this condition in animals. Learn about possible symptoms and causes of autism in dogs. »

— Joanna Que
How to Calm a Dog Down Like a Dog Whisperer

What causes hyperactivity in dogs, how to identify its symptoms and how to manage your hyperactive dog without getting you both frustrated. »

— Claudia Smargiasso
How to Potty Train a Puppy: Your Guide to Success

Our ultimate guide to potty training success: learn how and when to potty train a puppy, develop a potty training schedule and become your pup's best friend »

— Guest Author
Stylish Dog Clothing: Summer 2020 Trends

Know some trendy dog clothes and accessories that you can get for your pooch this summer. Find out how dog clothing can protect them from the heat. »

— Tamara Peco
My Dog is Not Eating: Reasons & Solutions For Loss of Appetite in Dogs

Is your dog not eating the food you offer? Determine the reasons of loss of appetite in dogs and find the best solutions to stimulate your dog’s appetite. »

— Petfeed Team
22 Indoor Activities for Dogs: Games and Exercises to Entertain Your Dog at Home

For the times when you can’t leave your home but need to give your pup some physical exercise and mental stimulation, here are 22 indoor activities for dogs. »

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