As the saying goes “the older you get, it is more dangerous to sneeze”, for dogs sneezing blood goes beyond old age. Infection, foreign objects or even allergies could trigger sneezing with blood in dogs. Though it is quite complex understanding what could trigger this but if you read on, you will discover why your dog is sneezing blood and home remedies you can use to curtail this.

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Why Is My Dog Sneezing Blood

Seeing your dog sneeze blood can be quite unsettling, the first thing to do in this situation is not to panic but to find out why this is happening. There are several reasons why a dog could sneeze blood which includes:


Bleeding from the nose during sneezing could be due to a minor nose or snout injury which your dog may have incurred while playing.


Dogs with an inflamed nostrils will have the tendency to sneeze blood. The mucous membranes become inflamed and blood vessels around there could rupture with pressure from the sneeze.

“Severe sneezing can result to blood coming from the nose” - Dr. Heather Hoffmann


Allergens could be a formidable cause of nose bleeding in dogs especially during sneezing. Dogs need their nose to find their way around, sniffing every plant and object along their path. Allergens when sniffed could damage blood vessels and lead to bleeding.


Infections that reside in the respiratory tract are instrumental in causing nose bleeds. In particular, bacterial, fungal or tick borne infections such as Ehrlichiosis could cause bleeding after damage to the mucous membrane and blood vessels.

Foreign Object

Rarely, a foreign object could be trapped in the nostril of your dog, seeing a Veterinarian at this point is the best resort if the bleeding persists. A Rhinoscopy may be carried out to confirm the lodgement of an object in the nostrils.


Some form of tumor or growth in the nasal cavity could lead to sneezing blood in dogs. Since these tumors attract a lot of blood vessels, excessive pressure on those growths could cause bleeding.

Dog Sneezing Blood Clots

Dog sneezing blood clots could be linked to some blood clotting disorders such as Thrombocytopenia, Anemia or Von Willebrand Disease. These disorders could impair clotting, reduce platelet and red blood cell production. After bleeding, clots form which are forced out during sneezing.

I received a call one time from my Grandma complaining about finding what looked like a blood clot on the snout of her dog. I reassured her that her dog might have bumped its head somewhere and sustained an injury, bled temporarily and clotted.

If she had acquired the Petcube Camera, she would have been able to monitor her dog’s whereabouts and notice when the bleeding started. With the Petcube Camera, you can watch your dogs even from yards away and get to them when they need help.

Home Remedies for Dog Sneezing Blood

Apply some of the following quick home remedies when next your dog gets a nose bleed during sneezing:

  • Put your dog in a relaxed and calm position.
  • Apply a cold compress made up of ice wrapped in a piece of cloth, ensure the dog breathes through the nostrils while at it.
  • Do not stick any object into the nose, this could cause more bleeding.
  • Observe the dog and ensure the bleeding stops, If the bleeding persists consult a Veterinarian.

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Why is my dog sneezing blood?

Trauma to the snout could make your dog sneeze blood, also infection, toxins or growth in the nostrils can contribute to this.

Why is my old dog sneezing blood?

Clotting may take longer than usual in older dogs due to weak immune system or complications that could cause blood vessel rupture resulting in bleeding.

Why is my dog sneezing blood clots?

Sneezing blood clots can be attributed to clotting complications and blood anomalies.

What to do if my dog is sneezing blood?

Apply a pack of ice on the snout of the dog, making sure breathing is not constricted.


Sneezing in dogs could be common but when it comes with blood, it becomes worrisome. Head/nose trauma, infection, toxins or even tumor are all contributing factors to this. Usually a cold compress applied on the snout is enough to stop the bleeding. With the help of the tips in this article, I am sure you know what to do next when your dog sneezes with blood.

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