Forget fast cars and bling, this rapper is unlike any you've seen before. Moshow, or Dwayne Molock as he's known off the stage, is a Portland-based rapper who loves cats and sings raps dedicated to them. With a particular love of Devon Rex and Sphynx cats, Moshow has made a name for himself online amongst adoring cat ladies for his raps that cover cat-related issues like declawing and pet adoption.

Although not originally a huge cat fan, after meeting his girlfriend (a cat owner) he developed a passion for cats and slowly started incorporating them into his music. On Instagram, the rapper has over 60k fans who love his music and he regularly gives fan shout outs for things like "Beautiful Cat Lady Wednesdays."

This owner of four cats loves them all, but his orange Devon Rex Ravioli is the feline most known for making cameos in his videos. Usually Ravioli appears perched on Moshow's shoulder bobbing along to the music, but Moshow has even rapped from the bathtub while giving the cat a bath.

Most recently Moshow booked a performance at LA's CatCon, where he'll be bringing more love to his cat loving fans. He'll also be playing for Petcube in March at the SXSW Pet Rescue Lounge, where Ravioli will join him on stage for some feline freestylin'. Want more of Moshow's trademark cat raps? Follow him on Instagram or Youtube.