Navigating the complex landscape of pet insurance is no walk in the park. With so many options, including the increasingly popular Petcube Emergency Fund and Pawp Pet Insurance, how do you decide which is the best fit for your pet?

With phrases like "pet first insurance," "emergency pet insurance," and questions like "What is Pawp?" flooding the search engines, it's essential to break down the offerings of these two prominent providers. This article will provide a detailed comparison to help you make an informed decision, whether you're insuring a sprightly bulldog, a playful pug, or a tenacious pitbull.

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  1. What is Covered By The Insurance
  2. What is Not Covered By The Insurance
  3. How Many Pets Can Be Insured
  4. What is The Waiting Period for Insurance
  5. How Much Does Insurance Cost
  6. How to Cancel Pet Insurance
  7. Conclusion

What is Covered By The Insurance

Insurance for our beloved pets is a crucial safeguard, especially given the unpredictability of accidents and illnesses. Both Petcube Emergency Fund and Pawp Pet Insurance provide a safety net to ensure your pet gets the best care in emergencies without causing a significant dent in your wallet. Let’s delve into the specifics of what each service offers.

Petcube Emergency Fund

Here is an example of the type of emergencies that Petcube’s Fund will cover:

  • Bite wounds: Up to $1,500;
  • Swallowing toxins: Up to $3,000;
  • Emergency surgery: Up to $3,000;
  • Getting hit by a car: Up to $2,371;
  • Poisoning: Up to $1,080;
  • Breathing difficulty: Up to $2,371.

The Petcube Emergency Fund stands out as a reliable option, catering to a variety of high-stress scenarios, including everything from unfortunate car accidents to the ingestion of toxic substances. Notably, they offer significant coverage for surgeries, a critical component given the skyrocketing costs of vet procedures today.

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Pawp Pet Insurance

Pawp offers a similar range of emergency coverage:

  • Toxic ingestion;
  • Choking & difficulty breathing;
  • Life-threatening blockages;
  • Severe internal & external injuries.

Pawp's coverage is certainly comprehensive, focusing on severe internal and external injuries and life-threatening scenarios. Their main aim is to offer a safety net during those unpredictable emergencies.

What is Not Covered By The Insurance

Understanding the exclusions in any insurance policy is as vital as knowing the inclusions. Both Petcube and Pawp maintain clarity about what they don't cover, ensuring pet owners are not caught off guard. As we navigate the specifics, it’s essential to remember that insurance is meant for unexpected emergencies, which explains most of the exclusions in the list.

Petcube Emergency Fund

Petcube is transparent about its non-coverage areas, which primarily focus on more predictable, non-emergency situations. They emphasize not covering:

  • Scheduled appointments and surgeries;
  • Regular check-ups and wellness visits;
  • Pregnancy issues and parvovirus;
  • All emergencies are assessed by their vets on a case-by-case basis;
  • Coverage begins 14 days post-subscription.

The Petcube Emergency Fund's clarity in what it doesn’t cover helps pet owners make informed decisions and avoid any unexpected out-of-pocket expenses. Their 14-day post-subscription initiation ensures pet owners are well informed and prepared for any unforeseen circumstances.

Pawp Pet Insurance

Pawp offers a broad safety net with its Emergency Fund. However, they don’t cover:

  • Scheduled surgeries and routine procedures;
  • Regular wellness visits and vaccinations;
  • Pregnancy and related issues.

Furthermore, while Pawp is lenient with pre-existing conditions, they do not cover planned procedures related to these conditions. Their comprehensive list of exclusions, from dental care to treatments related to pet breeding, ensures clarity for pet owners. It's also noteworthy that emergencies need validation via a live video call, and in most situations, it's mandatory for Pawp members to contact their vet professionals immediately in the event of an emergency.

How Many Pets Can Be Insured

Understanding the number of pets that can be insured under one policy is crucial, especially for multi-pet households. Let's delve deeper into the offerings of Petcube and Pawp.

Petcube Emergency Fund

With Petcube, a single monthly premium extends coverage to as many as six domestic pets. Whether you have one pet or six, each of them enjoys the protection that the policy offers. The Emergency Fund provides for one claim annually, capping at a generous $3,000. However, pet parents should be aware that claiming for one pet in a given year means waiting for the next annual subscription to begin before claiming for another pet.

Pawp Pet Insurance

Pawp’s insurance plan is also structured to cover up to six pets under one membership. While it accommodates multiple pets, the policy only permits usage once per year for a single pet emergency. Pet owners should be mindful of this to strategize which pet situation to use the emergency fund for, especially in households with multiple pets.

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What is The Waiting Period for Insurance

It's important to note the waiting period post-enrollment before insurance benefits kick in. Let's examine the waiting periods for both Petcube and Pawp.

Petcube Emergency Fund

Petcube sets a 14-day waiting period after subscription commencement. However, Petcube stands out with its client-centric approach. Pet owners needn't be bothered about setting reminders or marking their calendars. Petcube efficiently handles this by sending an email notification to clients right at the end of the waiting period, signaling the activation of their coverage.

If you have an emergency, you need to contact Petcube’s qualified online vets for an assessment. If they deem the situation an emergency, you have four hours to get treatment for your pet, and Petcube will pick up the bill.

Pawp Pet Insurance

Pawp also has a 14-day mandatory waiting period once members sign up for the emergency protection add-on. During this period, any emergencies that happen won't be covered by the fund. It's worth noting that if a member deactivates and then reactivates the protection, another 14-day waiting period will be instituted after reactivation.

However, during this waiting time, members do have immediate access to Pawp's team of veterinary professionals via chat and video. Also, while Pawp typically necessitates members to have a video chat with one of their veterinary professionals before in-person care, in rare emergency scenarios, members may bypass this requirement.

Pawp retains the sole discretion to decide if an emergency justifies waiving the live video call prerequisite.

How Much Does Insurance Cost

Understanding the financial implications is a significant aspect of any insurance decision. To help you gauge the costs associated with the Petcube and Pawp insurance programs, we've broken down the pricing structures for both.

Petcube Emergency Fund

  • Monthly Cost: $29;
  • Yearly Cost: $348 (yep, just 12 times the monthly fee);
  • Extra Fees: None! No sign-ups, admin costs, or surprise charges;
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Pawp Pet Insurance

  • Telehealth & emergency cover: Started at $19/month, but now it's $24/month;
  • Just telehealth: One-time payment of $99 for the whole year;
  • Want to add an Emergency Fund later? It used to be an extra $14/month, but now it's $19/month.

To sum up, right now, if you want the Pawp Emergency Fund, you'll pay $19 each month.

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How to Cancel Pet Insurance

Deciding to step back from an insurance policy can sometimes feel daunting. But both Petcube and Pawp aim to make the process as hassle-free as possible. Whether you're re-evaluating your pet's needs, adjusting to a budget, or simply exploring options, understanding how to cancel is crucial.

Canceling The Petcube Emergency Fund

  • How to Cancel: Jump into the Petcube app or visit their website;
  • Process: A couple of clicks, and you're out—no tedious phone calls or emails needed.

Canceling Pawp Pet Insurance

  • How to Cancel: Members can cancel whenever they wish.
  • What Happens Next: Access to the Emergency Fund stops at the end of the current payment cycle.
  • Important to Note: If you've used the fund and canceled soon after, there's a waiting game. You must wait either 120 days or until your yearly sign-up date to re-qualify for protection.


Deciding on pet insurance requires a balance of cost, coverage, and convenience. Whether you're considering Petcube or Pawp, ensure you're aware of their terms and benefits. Taking care of our furry friends is paramount, and the right coverage can give you peace of mind in emergencies.

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