Is your pet a Queen of the stage, King of the music, or superstar flaunt with a variety of tricks up their paws? If you said yes, we’ve got something exciting for you. Your pampered pooch, famous ferret, or cosplaying cat deserves to walk the pink carpet and make their TV debut – and they can do exactly that with TBS’ Stupid Pet Tricks Tour. It’s time to give your pet the fame and stardom they deserve.


  1. Your Pet is a Star!
  2. Stupid Pet Tricks: A Not-So Stupid History
  3. Stupidly Cool Prizes
  4. Get Your Pet Involved!
  5. Let’s Get Digital

Your Pet is a Star!

It’s time to grab your pet and start rehearsing because there are prizes to be won and fame to be snatched! Incredible tricks, bold backflips, a face that makes everyone smile, or a daredevil doggo diver – it’s time to dig out the weirdest and most wonderful tricks that you’ve got tucked away under your sleeves and paws.


Because Stupid Pet Tricks and TBS have partnered with Petcube and are looking for dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, or any other pets with incredible tricks, to feature in their up-and-coming TV series. Does your furry friend have star potential? Maybe it’s time that you found out!


Stupid Pet Tricks: A Not-So Stupid History

Let’s travel back to the 1980s for a moment, to a time before the internet, before the Kardashians, and even before the much-loved Labradoodle was even a dog breed. I want you to imagine that you’re sitting on the couch, waiting for the “Late Show with David Letterman” to start on the TV, in the mood for something fun and lighthearted. That something is… drum roll, please… Stupid Pet Tricks!

Fun, and heart-warming family entertainment, the animal show is so popular that it has stayed the course from “Late Show with David Letterman,” to “Late Show with Stephen Colbert.” Featuring funny, smart, and downright bonkers tricks and talents from cats, dogs, and a surprising array of other animals, there’s a special season coming soon…and you could be on it!

Hosted by actress and comedian Sarah Silverman, the brand new series, officially partnered with Petcube, will feature a parade of adorable and hilarious pets along with a star-studded human cast, including:

  • Judd Apatow;
  • Jon Hamm;
  • Jeff Ross;
  • Jack McBrayer;
  • Will Ferrell;
  • Reggie Watts;
  • Howie Mandell;
  • Charlotte McKinney;
  • And, of course, the man himself: David Letterman.

“When cuddly animals are involved, count me in,” said Sarah Silverman.

You can watch the special sneak peek show on Sunday, February 11 at 5:00pm ET/ 2:00pm PT, on Animal Planet, Discover, TBS, and truTV. From February 12, you’ll get a regular serving of cute critters and the best Stupid Pet Tricks every Monday on TBS at 9:00pm ET/PT.

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Stupidly Cool Prizes

Throughout the show, you can show off your best pet tricks for a chance to win a Petcube Bites 2 Lite and a feature in the next episode of Stupid Pet Tricks, every week. You’ll get to show off your pet to not just people you see and speak to, but also to millions of viewers around the States! Not bad for a quick trick and a little video recording, right?

And let’s talk about Petcube Bites 2 Lite for a moment. It’s a great, interactive tool to monitor, communicate, and soothe cats, dogs, and other household pets, from literally anywhere in the world. As long as you have an active internet connection on both ends, you can see your pet in real time, talk to them using two-way audio, and even dispense treats when they deserve it. (In moderation, of course.)

With record and playback features (conditions apply,) you’ll never need to miss out on a single hilarious pet moment again, and neither will your pet’s social media followers! You’ll have plenty of footage to enter future pet competitions, too.

Get Your Pet Involved!

You have two ways of getting involved with the TBS Stupid Pet Tricks x Petcube collaboration: virtually, and in-person via the pet-centric interactive experience tour, presented by Ollie.

The tour dates are (between 2pm and 6pm):

  • Feb 3: Tampa, Florida;
  • Feb 7: Dallas, Texas;
  • Feb 10: Austin, Texas;
  • Feb 13: Longmont, Colorado;
  • Feb 17: Brevard, North Carolina.

Entrance to the tour is completely free-of-charge, and you’ll get to pose, walk, and perform tricks on the pink carpet – like the superstars you and your pet are.

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Let’s Get Digital

You can also enter the Stupid Pet Tricks competition to win a Petcube Bites 2 Lite and a feature on the Stupid Pet Tricks TV show via TikTok and Instagram. You just need to:

  • Film your pet performing the most awesome trick(s);
  • Share using the hashtag #mystupidpettrick and tagging @TBSNetwork;
  • Urge your pet to wait patiently until the results come in!
  • Bonus prize: Your video might catch the eye of the judges, and you could see your pet showing off on air!*

*If selected, TBS’ team will reach out to confirm your content being used on-air.

It doesn’t matter how quick, complex, or bonkers your tricks are; keep the cameras rolling and send them in via TikTok and Instagram. We want to see your dogs, cats, ferrets, bunnies, and other pets dance, sit, stay, sing, play dead, collect the mail, get a beer from the fridge, and any other kind of trick that you think might be a smile on peoples’ faces.

Lights - Camera - Action! It’s your (and your pet’s) time to shine! We can’t wait to see your Stupid Pet Tricks!

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