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— Ali Smith
10 All-Important Kitten Supplies [Infographic]

Bringing a new kitten home soon? Lucky you! It is always exciting and fun. You’ve suddenly got a cute, cuddly, »

— Brad Wells
5 Steps to Make Your Home Safe for Your New Pet

It suddenly happened—you’ve fallen in love with a new furry friend. From their cute antics to their expressive personalities, »

— Tenley Haraldson
Why You Should Adopt: Two Cats At Once

Adult cats are often overlooked as adoptable companions, which is really too bad, considering all of the wonderful benefits an older »

— Guest Author
Pet Cameras: They’re Not Just for Cuteness

Cameras to monitor our pets are more popular than ever—people want to know that their fur-babies are okay while they »

— Tenley Haraldson
Chatty Catties: What A Cat's Language Means

Self-described 'dog people' often say that cats are impossible to understand; that they're fickle furry creatures that can't communicate like dogs. »

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