So it’s bedtime and your feline friend snuggles with you, in the same spot every night. Or maybe you wake up with your cat sleeping near your head. If you’re a cat owner, you’ve probably shared the bed with your cat (and vice versa) or seen them hanging out on your bed multiple times. While cats sure make it obvious that they love napping, their reasons go beyond finding the softest spot. Let’s find out more below.

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  1. Cat Sleeping Positions with Owner in Bed
  2. Why Do Cats Sleep at Your Feet in Bed
  3. Why Does My Cat Sleep On or Under the Bed
  4. Conclusion

Cat Sleeping Positions with Owner in Bed

If you tend to see your cat on the bed with you when you sleep, you’re probably curious about where your cat sleeps on your bed and what it means. Similarly, what do their sleeping positions mean?

Belly Up

Isn’t it funny seeing your cat sleeping with their bellies up? Laughs aside, this position actually shows that your cat trusts you and feels safe in their surroundings. It’s their way of saying that they feel calm and secure.

Stretched Out

If your cat sleeps in a sprawled-out position as if taking up the whole bed, it’s their way of claiming the area, as if telling other cats that it’s their territory.

Curled Up

If your cat is curled up like a ball when they sleep, it shows that they are comfortable and at ease. It’s like they’re saying that they’re okay and happy where they are.

Near Your Head

A cat sleeping near your head shows love and affection and a desire to be near you. According to Dr. Mikel Maria Delgado, certified animal behaviorist and co-owner of Feline Minds in San Francisco, California, the sebaceous glands of scalps and faces release a distinct scent that may be associated with familiarity and comfort for cats that have a close affinity with their humans. On the other hand, they may also be seeking warmth.

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Why Do Cats Sleep at Your Feet in Bed

“Why do cats sleep at your feet in bed?”, you might ask. According to Erin Askeland, Animal Health, and Behavior Consultant for Camp Bow Wow, cat’s guard is lowered when sleeping, making them more vulnerable. For this reason, many cats prefer to sleep by your feet or at the foot of the bed to feel safe and to alert and protect you when they sense a threat nearby. The foot of the bed allows a cat tp This location also makes it easier for cats to quickly move in any direction when they sense a threat

Why Does My Cat Sleep On or Under the Bed

When your cat sleeps on your bed, it is often a sign of their affinity with you. On the other hand, when cats sleep under the bed, it may indicate the following:

  • They feel threatened by something in the house
  • They may not feel comfortable with new visitors
  • They may be afraid of another cat

If so, finding ways to keep your cat calm may help. And if your cats don’t get along, seeking an animal behaviorist or consulting with your vet may be a good idea.

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Cats tend to sleep on their humans’ beds or their heads or feet, and they do so in various positions. Generally, these are signs of affinity and making their mark. On the other hand, when a cat sleeps under the bed, it could be a sign that they feel threatened, are uncomfortable, or hiding their pain. If you are unsure, it is best to consult with your veterinarian to determine the cause and address it if needed.

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