Have you ever noticed your socks vanishing, only to find them nestled among your dog’s toys? Or maybe your dog proudly parades around with socks like they're prized possessions. Why does my dog like my socks? - you might be wondering.

It's a common doggie habit – stealing socks! But what's the deal with our furry pals and their obsession with our fuzzy socks? Why do dogs love socks?

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Why Do Dogs Steal Socks

Stinky and smelly socks are far from appealing for us humans, but for your canine companion, it’s like a treasure trove that emanates the scent of the one they love the most - You! Oftentimes, it’s an expression of their love and connection with you, but there may also be other reasons. Some just love the feel of soft, fluffy fabric, while others are simply curious pups who like to sniff and chew on anything new. If your furry friend is bored, he might also resort to sock-snatching for entertainment. And if you unintentionally turn it into a game of tug-of-war, well, you might unknowingly reinforce the behavior! Plus, socks can be a source of comfort too, especially for dogs dealing with separation anxiety.

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Why Do Dogs Eat Socks

It’s common for dogs to chew socks, but what if your dog not just chews, but is actually eating your socks? “Why is my dog eating socks?”, you might ask.

If your dog is eating socks, it may actually be a case of pica, a disorder where your dog eats non-food items that don’t have nutritional benefits. Pica can be a symptom of an underlying condition that needs to be addressed. If you’re concerned about your dog’s obsession with socks, we recommend that you consult with your veterinarian to seek advice and possible treatment.

How to Get My Dog to Stop Eating Socks

A dog’s sense of smell and taste is incredible. They use their noses and mouths to discover and explore the world around them. Socks may be especially enticing for our furry pals, but you definitely don’t want your dog to end up chewing on all of your socks. How to stop your dogs from eating socks?

Training your dog to respect what is yours is key. Start by keeping your socks out of reach and teach them what's off-limits. Also, stash your dirty laundry where they can't get to it, and maybe give them a replacement toy that smells more like you than the pet store. When they do grab a sock, don't make it a game of chase. Instead, teach them commands like "leave it" and "drop it" with treats as rewards. And if they slip up, stay cool and redirect their attention. After all, they might not get why stealing socks is a no-no. If you suspect that it’s a case of pica, it’s best to consult with your vet for proper diagnosis and treatment.

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Why do dogs like dirty socks?

With a dog’s strong sense of smell, it’s common for them to be drawn to familiar smells. Dirty socks show evidence of use and a stronger scent that can be associated with dog owners.

Why does my dog take my socks to bed?

When your dog takes your dog to bed, they may just be showing love and affection.


Some dogs may be obsessed with our socks. However, it may just be one proof that they love us. But there are also other possible reasons - they may love how it feels, they may be satisfying boredom, or it may be a manifestation of separation anxiety, or it could also be pica. If you’re worried, speaking with your vet is your best bet.

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