Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many of us are now working from the comfort of our homes. Say no to early alarms, annoying traffic jams and ironing boards – sounds cool, right? Also, prepare to fight for a work-life balance, share awkward Zoom moments with your colleagues, and build new relationships with deadlines.

While quite a few people would find the new routine challenging, their new furry co-workers think it’s just pawesome. They don’t know a thing about the COVID-19. Unlike everyone around, your doggy doesn’t frantically update Worldometer for the latest stats (however, might approve of the new toilet paper stock). So, sit back, look at the wagging tail of your good boy, and get some peace of mind.

1. We Promise We’ll be Really Helpful… Tomorrow

2. The Client-of-the-Month Award Goes to…

3. I Will Stay Here to Make Sure You Have a Very Productive Day

4. You Can Join Your Zoom Call, I Swear I’ll Just Listen

5. Little Brother is Watching You

6. My Hourly Rate is 15 Biscuits for a Probation Period

7. I Don’t Know What’s Troubleshooting but I can Chew This Report if it Makes You Sad

8. If You Think Your Supervisor is Strict, Meet My Cat!

cat sitting on human's legs while working from home
Olga Boiko and her cat Siri

9. This Keyboard Never Felt More Comfortable - Is It the Magic They Were Talking About?

10. Let Me Finish This Article on Social Distancing

11. I Hope it's Almond Milk Honey Flat White, or You're Fired

12. We Demand an Open Door Policy

These uncertain times will hopefully pass but you are blessed to spend them with the best company ever. Enjoy the moment while it lasts – and pet your fluffy buddy each time someone says ‘Sorry, my mic was muted’.

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