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Emergency Fund by Petcube: Rules and Regulations

Please, find here the terms and conditions you should be aware of before using Emergency Fund. They are also available as part of Petcube’s Terms of Use (section Emergency Fund Rules And Regulations):

  • There is a mandatory 14-day waiting period after the time of sign-up before the funds can be accessed. If a veterinary doctor determines you are having a life-threatening emergency and need immediate care for your pet before the expiration of the waiting period, the Funds will not yet be at your disposal. You will also be subject to the waiting period again if you cancel and later renew your subscription
  • The Funds are available to a maximum of 6 domestic pets, registered by you. You may be required to provide proof of ownership of your pet
  • The Funds are available only if full or monthly continuous payments of the Emergency Fund are made for the duration of the subscription period. The Funds are not paid out if the monthly payments are disrupted
  • If a life-threatening emergency occurs before the end of your yearly subscription, then funds covering the rest of the subscription fee will be deducted from the total emergency invoice at the time of payment to the vet clinic
  • All life-threatening emergencies must be assessed and referred by one of our qualified vets through Petcube’s app or website only. It is your responsibility to contact one of our vets prior to visiting an emergency/vet clinic to get an assessment and referral for their pet. Mandatory uploading of a video of your pet for proper assessment is required before our vets can recommend the fund activation. Texting is not sufficient to reach a decision if it is a life-threatening emergency
  • After the assessment, pet owners have 4 hours to seek medical emergency care as recommended by the vet that confirmed the life-threatening emergency. Funds will not be released and available to clinics after the 4 hours have expired from the time of the life-threatening emergency confirmation. Waiting for medical care can result in an unnecessary emergency for your pet, and Petcube does not support medical negligence
  • If your pet was not assessed as an emergency by our vet triage team and the pet has passed away within 4 hours of assessment, please contact support team ( within 7 days to initiate a dispute. You are eligible for a compensation, if vet team has not classified your situation correctly
  • Emergency Fund covers only veterinary services provided by any veterinary clinic located within the United States
  • Petcube only pays for the initial emergency care. All other follow-up care is at the expense of the pet owner. You can not access any funds if the pet has been admitted prior to contacting our vets through Petcube’s app or website only
  • It is the discretion of our vets to recommend the activation of the Funds. It is your responsibility to ensure that all guidelines are followed in order to be approved by the Emergency Fund administration for payout at the time of the emergency
  • Our Senior Vet and Emergency Fund administration reserve the right to review all cases that are activated and can deny the funds if the guidelines and protocols are not met
  • The Funds are paid directly to the clinic once the final invoice from the clinic is received and verified
  • After you receive the final invoice, ask the receptionist or vet technician to call +1-833-351-8987 for our team to confirm and review the charges. The vet clinic will be required to email the invoice to You must contact us at time of discharge for payment, or a maximum of 5 days after the event to claim emergency fund.
  • The Funds up to a value of $3,000 can be approved for a life-threatening emergency
  • The Funds are restricted to a one-time pay-out regardless of the amount but up to $3,000
  • The Funds are only paid to a registered vet clinic of your choice after confirming the emergency as described above
  • The Funds are not transferable to other parties and their pets
  • The Funds are not transferable to you
  • Petcube requires emailing a copy of the vet invoice in case of the Funds activation
  • Petcube pays for any immediate life-threatening emergency vet service required
  • Petcube does not pay Emergency Fund when the pet emergency is due to owner negligence
  • Emergency Fund does not cover emergencies associated with breeding, pregnancy issues, or parvovirus
  • Emergency Fund does not cover additional costs associated with euthanasia, such as cremation or memorabilia

Emergency Fund by Petcube

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