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Help Ukrainian Animals Survive Russian Aggression

Petcube products are proudly designed and engineered in Ukraine, our global team has numerous members in various Ukrainian cities. We strongly condemn the unprovoked Russian military invasion of peaceful Ukraine.

protect Ukrainian animals

Russia continues to carry out terrorist acts on the territory of Ukraine, destroying everything alive, including animals.

We have already shared how global community can help people of Ukraine during the war, but it is equally important to save pets.

Support these initiatives that protect war-affected animals from shelling and starvation:


UAnimals is rescuing Ukrainian animals, helping them flee the war zone, and providing aid to pet shelters in Ukraine.


Save Pets of Ukraine

The Save Pets of Ukraine team works 24/7 to provide assistance, including purchasing food, logistics, and organizing deliveries of humanitarian goods throughout Ukraine.


Help For Animals in Ukraine

An initiative by compassionate activists from the Canine Union of Ukraine, providing shelters with food, veterinary medicines, hygiene, and care products for animals.


Happy Paw

In 2022, Happy Paw donated 382 tons of food to 287 shelters and provided veterinary medicines and vaccines to animals.



Sirius is a private animal shelter in the Kyiv region caring for almost 3,000 animals that urgently need help during the war.



Patron Pet Center is an all-Ukrainian center providing assistance to homeless animals. They offer temporary homes, treatment, care, and training for animals affected by war.


Kyiv Animal Rescue Group

Kyiv Animal Rescue Group operates on a consultation or emergency basis, dispatching specialists with specialized equipment for animal rescues.



The U-Hearts Foundation supports the Save Pets of Ukraine initiative in collecting international aid for animals in Ukraine.



Use this hashtag on social media to show support and bring attention to the cause.