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Help Ukrainian Animals Survive Russian Aggression

Petcube products are proudly designed and engineered in Ukraine, our global team has numerous members in various Ukrainian cities. We strongly condemn the unprovoked Russian military invasion of peaceful Ukraine.

protect Ukrainian animals

We've already shared how global community can help people of Ukraine in the times of war, but it's also important to save Ukrainian animals. Support these initiatives that protect war-affected pets from shelling and starvation:

Save the Dogs

Donate to Save the Dogs Ukraine Emergency that provides assistance for the Ukrainian animals arriving in Romania with their owners.



IFAW is preparing to rush emergency aid to two local animal shelters in Ukraine that can't evacuate and urgently need help.



UAnimals is rescuing Ukrainian animals helping them flee the war zone and transferring aid to a number of pet shelters in Ukraine.



Sirius is a private animal shelter in the Kyiv region feeding and taking care of almost 3000 animals, which desperately need help in the time of war.


Gostomel Shelter

Gostomel Shelter is currently hosting around 700 cats and dogs that don't have enough food. Their building was damaged by Russian shelling on March 2.



Ugolyok is an animal shelter in Lviv, which became home for more than 105 horses, 93 cows, 6 foals, 34 calves, 46 goats, 72 dogs, 12 cats, 3 donkeys, 32 sheep, and 8 ponies.


Worldwide Vets

Worldwide Vets is launching a fundraiser to help horses in Ukraine. Their funding priorities are moving Ukrainian horses to safety and financial support for stabling and feeding the displaced horses.


Ukrainian Rescue Appeal

Ukrainian Rescue Appeal is a group of volunteers coordinating rescue and rehoming of Ukrainian pets displaced and injured by the Russian invasion in Ukraine. They work with 3 registered rescues to help with urgent fosters and the supply of urgent donations needed at the border for both people and pets.

Donate and Adopt

Underdog International

Underdog International supports Ukrainian refugees arriving in Romania with their pets, displaced by the war unfolding in their country. All donations will go directly towards paying for food and essentials for their families and pets.


We'll keep on updating this list both here and on this page.

Galaxy Vets Foundation

Galaxy Vets Foundation raises funds, collects and delivers supplies to organizations in need, provides pet owners access to professional veterinary care, and helps animals of Ukraine survive the unspeakable horrors of war.



Use this hashtag on your social media to indicate your support and drive the world's attention to the cause.