It takes a special skill to understand the feline language. To "crack the code," you need some experience. It's not rocket science, though. Just some good old-fashioned tender loving care will make you a cat person in no time. Because frankly there are some things that only cat owners will understand. Here are 10 comics that every cat lover can relate to.

1. What a normal day looks like.

Simple pleasures of cats

Comic by WafflesCat

2. Making friends with cats is more important than hanging out with people.

Girl hangs out with cat instead of people

Comic by @gemmacorrell

3. Ehem… Excuse me. Was I interrupting something?

Cat disturbs a couple's private moment

Comic by @roodgras

4. From cuteness to frustration.

Cats can be very annoying

Comic by @hannahhillam

5. Cats are great yoga partners. Not!

Cat doesn't want her humom to do yoga

Comic by @witrishnartistiari

6. That feeling when your pet keeps staring into thin air. Creepy.

Creepy cat stares at the dark early in the morning

Comic by @beebooties

7. The secret to a perfect shot — patience, lots of patience.

Taking photos of your cat can be challenging

8. What I usually think when my cat stares at me.

Cat stares at you

Comic by @davidolenick

9. You'll never know what your cat will do next.

A cat's brain is like a spinning wheel game

Comic by @catsuthecat

10. Some signs that your cat is your boss.

Cat disturbs cat owner in the office

Comic by @catsuthecat

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