Amber and Manny

Celebrities come in all shapes in sizes, and sometimes they even have four legs. After appearing on talk shows, commercials, and more, it's safe to say Manny the Frenchie is a true star. Over a million Instagram followers and almost two million Facebook followers turn to Manny every day for a laugh.

However, behind the dog is a hard working human who has helped Manny get where he is today. Amber Chavez is Manny's owner and manager, in charge of making sure he's on set on time and that he has plenty of treats. Meet Amber and find out some of her behind-the-scenes secrets to owning a celebrity pup.

  1. Amber actually has five other dogs besides Manny, including Frank, Leila, Filip, Liam and Cooper. Manny is a middle child.

  2. Amber quit her hospitality industry job to work full time on Manny's social media account.

Manny the Frenchie and Amber Chavez

  1. Amber rescued Manny from almost going to a shelter. Manny was the runt of his litter and still hadn't been adopted after all of his siblings had been taken. Amber and her boyfriend took one look and knew Manny was for them.

  2. Amber and her boyfriend John have worked hard to curate Manny's image as a philanthropist dog. Manny actually has his own charitable foundation now, Manny & Friends Foundation. With the money raised, Amber is able to give to Chicago French Bulldog Rescue and more.

  3. Manny knows the word "bacon" and Amber calls all treats "bacon" because Manny responds to the term.

  4. Amber and Manny just published their first book in 2017! Manny The Frenchie's Art To Happiness is a light hearted read that covers Manny's tips on living your best life.

manny and amber at SF SPCA

  1. Manny and family all hail from Chicago, and Manny can often be spotted at the West Loop Dog Park.

  2. Amber and her boyfriend never meant to make Manny famous but some of his distinctive habits, like sleeping in sinks or "frenchie talking", made his account skyrocket. They started by just targeting frenchie groups.

  3. Although Manny may be a star, as his manager Amber still has to make sure he's taken care of. She says they try to treat him like a normal dog and make sure on shoots his temperature is right and he has water and snacks.

  4. Manny goes almost everywhere with his parents, but when they can't be together they use Petcube Bites to stay in touch. Petcube Bites lets them talk to each other and Amber can send Manny a treat from her phone.

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