Claudia Smargiasso

Claudia is a devoted cat mom and writer. When she isn’t working, she enjoys reading and taking long walks on the beach to greet any dog that happens past.

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— Claudia Smargiasso
Are Eggs Good for Cats and How to Cook Them for Your Kitty

Can cats have eggs? Are cooked eggs good for cats? Find out everything you need to know about cats and eggs and discover some cooking tips. »

— Claudia Smargiasso
Can Cats Eat Meat Like Chicken, Pork, and Beef?

Even though cats are obligate carnivores, not all meats work well for them. Find out which ones are healthy and which ones you should avoid. »

— Claudia Smargiasso
Cats and Fish: What Fish I Feed My Cat?

Is fish good for cats, and in what amounts? Find out what types of fish and seafood are healthy and which ones you should never feed to your kitty. »

— Claudia Smargiasso
Can Cats Eat Sweet Treats Like Chocolate, Peanut Butter, or Ice Cream?

Find out which, if any, sweets (chocolate, honey, ice cream, and others) you can share with your cat, and which ones are doing more damage than you realize. »

— Claudia Smargiasso
Cats vs Cucumbers: Why Are Cats Scared of Cucumbers?

Are cats afraid of cucumbers? Well, yes and no. Learn more to understand the cats vs cucumbers feud. »

— Claudia Smargiasso
Sleeping Beauties: Why Do Cats Sleep So Much?

How many hours do cats sleep? Are cats nocturnal? These and other common questions regarding cat sleep answered. »

— Claudia Smargiasso
Why Does My Cat Pee on My Bed? 5 Reasons and Solutions to Them

Cat peeing on bed issue can become a big problem for pet parents. Learn why your cat keeps peeing on bed and how to prevent this unwanted behavior. »

— Claudia Smargiasso
What Does It Mean When Your Cat Licks You? 6 Possible Reasons of Cat Licking

If you've ever asked yourself "Why does my cat lick me so much?", we have the answers. Learn why cats lick people, other cats, or even dogs. »

— Claudia Smargiasso
What is Pica in Cats? Definition, Reasons, Treatment

Pica disorder in cats: definition of feline pica, signs that your cat might have it, common reasons, and treatment for pica in cats. »

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