Claudia Smargiasso

Claudia is a devoted cat mom and writer. When she isn’t working, she enjoys reading and taking long walks on the beach to greet any dog that happens past.

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— Claudia Smargiasso
What is Pica in Cats? Definition, Reasons, Treatment

Pica disorder in cats: definition of feline pica, signs that your cat might have it, common reasons, and treatment for pica in cats. »

— Claudia Smargiasso
Why do Dogs Eat Grass? Another Weird Dog Behavior Explained

Should you worry if your pup eats grass? Discover what causes this behavior, learn if it's safe for your dog, and how to get your dog to stop eating grass. »

— Claudia Smargiasso
Why are Cats Afraid of Water? 4 Reasons Why Your Cat Hates it

As we all know, cats are afraid of water. What is behind their fear? Read about the reasons why cats hate water and learn how to get your cat to like it. »

— Claudia Smargiasso
How to Potty Train a Puppy: Your Guide to Success

Our ultimate guide to potty training success: learn how and when to potty train a puppy, develop a potty training schedule and become your pup's best friend »

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