Who better to win one of the most famous dog shows than a breed known for its nobility and quality, the German Shepard. But who is the dog behind all the ribbons? We're taking a look at this year's Best In Show winner, Rumor, and her amazing trip to the top.

1. She's named after an Adele song

Apparently Adele didn't just clean up at the Grammys this year, she did pretty well at the dog show also, and her namesake pup took the top prize. Rumor is named for Adele's popular song, Rumor Has It.

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2. Last year was supposed to be her last show!

After failing to win at the 2016 Westminster, her owner decided it was time for her to retire. After failing to conceive, he decided she should have one last go at the ring.

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3. Last year she was favored to win

Although she didn't win last year, she was many people's favorite, and even her owner was surprised when they announced the winner. He actually stepped up starting to accept the prize, but the winner was a German Shorthair and not a German Shepard.

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4. She's has friends!

When she isn't showing off, Rumor is just a normal house pet who has two best friends, a Chihuahua named Massimo and a Chinese Crested named Exorcist.

5.She's only the second German Shepard to take the top prize

Before Rumor, Manhattan was the only other German Shepard to win Best In Show back in 1978.

6.She may have had an advantage with Westminster's NY location

For many NY locals, the German Shepard is still symbolic of the World Trade Center. This breed helped the NY fire and police departments search out survivors from the rubble. There's even a ceremony at the beginning of the show to recognize these service dogs

7.Puppies are in her future

Owner Kent Boyles still says he has plans to retire the dog after her winning year, and it's his hope that a litter of puppies will come next.