Monday is awesome—not! We hate Monday because it’s the first day of the week. Monday is almost like a bad word. Monday means that Saturday and Sunday are over and that you’ll spend another five days working in your office, dreaming of another fun-filled weekend.

But you don’t have to hate Mondays. In fact, there are many reasons to love it. Mondays are fresh beginnings—it’s a chance to start anew and an opportunity to fire up the week. Don’t believe us? These dogs will show you that Mondays are indeed awesome.

1. Naia smiling at you.

2. Jaxx trying not to look adorable.

3. Jenn staring at you.

4. Lotus saying “Hi!”

5. Yogyt is thinking of you.

6. Luath is super excited.

7. Kita posing for a selfie.

8. Gala begging for delicious treats.

9. She drinks Starbucks every Monday!

10. Baxter loves to laugh. A lot.

11. Spanky waiting for you to throw the ball.

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