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— Sophie Beketova
8 Cutest and Most Hilarious Dog Haircuts for Your Inspiration

When it comes to grooming, we all want our dogs to be the best-looking mutts in town. And it doesn’t »

— Ali Smith
Petcube Parents Love Their Pets More

Valentine's Day isn't only about your human relationships. The love you share with your pets is special, and there is no »

— Angela Vuckovic
What is a Sploot and Why Dogs Splooting

Dogs (and their derpiness) bring smiles to our faces every day. Most pet parents spend their days gushing over the new »

— Ali Smith
10 Facebook Live Videos To Inspire You To Stream Your Pet

Live streaming is the latest social trend. Your pet can now join the crowd. Now your Facebook friends and family can »

— Ali Smith
10 Comics Showing How Pets Make Our Lives Better

It's National Pet Day! A day to celebrate your beloved animal companion. They are a source of entertainment, friendship, and an »

— Rachel Youens
Find Out Why This Black Lab Suddenly Turned White

Rowdy the dog didn't always look like this. Once upon a time Rowdy was just like any other black lab - »

— Rachel Youens
How to Know If Your Cat Loves You

If you're looking for effusive, dedicated love, cats are simply the wrong place to go. These subtle creatures may not express »

— Gene Ryan Briones
18 Interesting Facts About Senior Pets

November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month — a month dedicated to all furry buddies who have withstood the test of time »

— Gene Ryan Briones
13 Reasons Why BalouBlue is the Chillest Dog in Town

Dogs are known for their cool and outgoing personalities, making them good pets and, for many of us, best friends. But »

— Rachel Youens
Meet Beatrice The Costumed Cat

Not to make you feel bad, but while you're desperately scrambling to make a last minute costume, just know that there's »

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