Nobody wants to be called a fool, unless of course it’s April Fools’ Day. Yes, a day when people love playing practical jokes. But to the poor victims of this unfortunate day, the pranksters are the real idiots.

As we celebrate the fun of April 1st, we bring you 12 hilarious pranks played on pets. We assure you that no pets were harmed in this blog post. So let your guard down and enjoy!

1. Watch this unsuspecting cat miss out on Fancy Feast

2. This is what you call a soft landing.

3. This dog totally miscalculated, missing the target. LOL.

4. This cat getting the ride of his life. Poor cat.

5. When cats play pranks.

6. No pranks here. Just nibbling.

7. This robot dinosaur looked so real, it sent this dog into a bathtub.

8. What you call a base-jumping cat.

9. When a dog meets a minion. Papaya...Banana!

10. What happens when playing fetch is no bueno. #balloverload.

11. When a snowman pranked this dog and the owners. Take that, humans.

12. Because it's so hard grasping a ball when all you have are paws. Pfft.

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