Pom Pom Chewy

There are plenty of pet celebrities to follow on Instagram. But if there’s one dog you don’t want to miss, it’s Pom Pom Chewy. This sweet Pomeranian mix will melt your heart. From posing for pictures to wearing flashy clothes, his bravado is inspiring. Here are 12 reasons to follow this dog now.

1. He’s a Foxeranian — half Pomeranian and half fox.

2. He loves pajamas.

3. He has a remarkable fashion sense.

4. He is super handsome.

5. And he’s tech-savvy too.

6. He is friendly with other pups.

7. Pom Pom Chewy loves nature.

8. He’s also an actor. He stars in the new film Humor Me.

Being serious behind the scenes with Bebe Neuwirth for the new film #humorme

A photo posted by Pom Pom Chewy (@pompomchewy) on

9. He's super cute while taking a bath.

10. He enjoys active leisure.

11. This dog is a natural model.

12. He's the Weeknd's friend.

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