Petcube is celebrating the spring clean with the newest Petcube Care Perk, and it's an absolute breeze! We've partnered with our friends at BISSELL, a long known manufacturer of cleaning solutions, to bring you the quick and easy way to wash your pooch this spring and all year round.

Petcube Care is the only subscription service that gives you multi-day 24/7 video cloud history with your Petcube camera and exclusive access to savings from leading pet care services, entertainment, gadgets, and accessories. As a Care subscriber, save $500 a year on your pets.

BISSELL Petcube Care Perk Card

Hassle-Free Portable Dog Bath

At Petcube, we are always looking for ways to help pet parents with their load, so they can spend more quality time with their pets. Giving your dog a wash can be tricky and time-consuming, especially if your pooch is afraid of water or you have a senior dog. And even if your Fido loves a bath, you have to deal with the mess they leave behind: water everywhere along with fur, soap, and dirt.

The BISSELL's BARKBATH Portable Dog Bath is looking to simplify your furry friend's bath time routine for you and your pooch. Quiet and portable with a nozzle gets beneath the fur to wash away dirt, odors, and loose fur. Dirty water goes into a separate tank (and not on you!) to empty when you are done. Plus, the system works with any length of fur or hair and uses a no-rinse shampoo, leaving your dog's coat so soft and smooth, it's perfect for cuddling!

All Petcube Care members now have access to 25% off BARKBATH portable grooming system and 3-Pack Shampoo Bundle.

BARKBATH QT Portable Dog Grooming System

We use it after the dog park which makes her smell great and keeps our apartment cleaner. - Mariah, pet parent to a Golden Retriever

Give Your Pup the Royal Treatment

Through the Petcube Care program, we have been curating some of the best pet care options out there to help you with your choice.

BISSELL has been pioneering clean for 140 years now. During Queen Victoria's reign in England, she found out about the family-owned business and requested to have the Buckingham Palace "bisselled" once per week.

With the BARKBATH portable dog bath, it's time to treat your pets like the fur kings and queens they are.

My dogs love to sit and be brushed be the nozzle as it gently washes their fur and removes the excess water. When all is done they are damp to the touch needing just a quick towel dry. - Tom

Join the Petcube Care Club

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