These surveillance tapes of cats will definitely make your day a little brighter:

A person’s catnip kept disappearing at alarming rates, so the owner installed a motion-sensor camera. Set to appropriate music, I muttered, “nuh-uh” to myself a few times.

There aren’t really any words to describe this because it’s so cliché: doesn’t everyone have a giant cat wheel in their living room?

When the owner’s away, the cat will run headlong into a flatscreen!

Who’s really being watched here? The initial scroll down is adorable.

This cat and her kittens encountered a raccoon. As the Youtube account says, “All ends well” and it’s a squee-worthy video of two species.

I let out a “eeeeeee” when this video played. This noise always tugs at my heartstrings.

Cats making mistakes and falling down will always be funny. This is no exception.

It’d be hard to be mad at this cat’s naughty diligence:

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