When the city falls asleep, furry mafia wakes up! Want to know all about Bandit's or Beast's night shenanigans? Petcube Care cloud video service helps you catch your pet's secret life even when it's dark. Like, really dark.

Triggered by sound and motion, Petcube Care records videos of your pet and sends you an alert. The video clips are saved securely to an interactive timeline in the app, so you can easily replay, download and share them. The night vision mode allows you to see your pet's activities crystal clear, so you can solve any mystery, learn more about pet, or simply have a laugh.

Here's a devil's dozen of hilarious moments #CaughtOnPetcube at night. Try not to laugh your booty off!

1. Welp, that was cheez-y

2. With a chance of showers

3. Smooth red dot operator

4. Hello, it’s me...

5. Cat.zip error

6. In your face

7. Does carpet match a cat?

8. Perfect night routine doesn’t exi…

9. If cats could rave

10. This smells squishy

11. Fall of empire

12. To infinity and beyond

13. It’s bed time

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