Ever wonder why there aren't kitten showers? Like baby showers, but instead of being for people who get new babies they're for people who get new kittens. If kitten showers existed then at the top of the gift list would most certainly be a Petcube. A kitten can be a handful, and short of getting extra hands to help you manage your new little tornado with claws, a Petcube pet camera is an inventive way to keep an eye on the new addition.

Here are five ways new kitten owners have found Petcube Play pet cams useful.

Purr-anormal Activity

Cats are naturally nocturnal and come sundown they actually get more active. Petcube's night vision is the best way to catch the shenanigans your new kitten gets up to when the hoomans go to bed each night. We've seen families catch kitties dragging toys across the floor, zooming through the house, and more.

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Poopy problems

From missing the box to going in secret spots, kittens can be plagued with problems as they get used to using a litter box. Get some help in solving the issue of the cat peeing in a house with a pet cam catching the times you can't be there. Use motion detected video catch hidden spots where they might be going or know which of the kitties is the pooping culprit.


Kitten are balls of energy wrapped in fur and they need a ton of play in order to adequately wear them out for the day. It's hard for even the best paw-rent to squeeze in enough playtime for their new pet, but Petcube is a creative way get a little extra play in the day. Even if you can't play one on one with you pet, auto-play mode lets you set and forget the laser and give your pet a game of laser tag when they're feeling active.

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To you it's a cord, to a kitten it's a toy. To you it's a mirror, to a kitten it's a toy. Basically, to a kitten the whole world is a toy, and it can be really dangerous. Keep an eye on your mischevious little monster and be the first to know if there's any trouble with sound and motion detection alerts.

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Kittenhood is gone in the blink of an eye, and although they may have nine lives, the time our kitties have with us is never enough. Petcube Care video cloud recording service catches all the moments you can't be there and gives you more ways to fit your pet in the day.

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