Your furry best friends can be fascinating, and it is entertaining to catch their amusing larks. Unfortunately, they will never tell you when they are having a cute, hilarious or naughty moment. Petcube Care is a cloud video recording service that will help you discover your pet’s secrets, capture their best moments, and ensure your pet security.

Pet owners are constantly wondering what their furry best friends are up to when they’re unsupervised all day. It’s even the subject of an animated film. Does my dog drink water from the toilet? Does your cat pee in the flower pot? Do they throw a pet party? With Petcube Care, you have an entire video timeline history that lets you revisit what your pet did throughout the day. And what you see could a revealing or relieving experience.

You will never miss your pet’s best moment

While we might not know what goes on in our pets’ secret lives, there’s no doubt they will do something worthy a good laugh. Catching the hysterical footage of your dog rolling all over your bed where they are not allowed or your cat taking a ride on the robotic vacuum cleaner can make you and your pet internet famous! Activate Petcube Care for sound and motion alerts to get notified of major action going on in your home.

dog on the bed

Sometimes your pet can surprise you with their skills. You might find out your dog has taught himself how to open the doors while your cat has learnt fishing in your aquarium. Maybe you will even reveal your pet’s secret stash and finally know where all your socks have gone. Sound and motion will automatically trigger video recording, so you can see exactly what happened to catch your pets in the act. You can use teachable moments to coach and train your pet.

You will watch your pet grow

Missing out on our pet’s adorable milestones can be frustrating. Who wouldn’t want to see their fur baby all the time? You want to be there for your puppy’s first bark or your kitten learning to use her litter box. One great thing about Petcube Care is that it provides you with 10 or 30 days of cloud recorded history you can go back over to monitor how well your little furballs are learning, developing, and how obedient they are.

puppy with slippers

If you decided to get your older pet a little brother or sister, things might not be all licks and snuggles. Little pups or kittens often bug bigger brothers and stress them out. Revisiting the recorded history, you will have a better idea of how your pets interact and who is responsible for the mess. Catching all those things on camera if you can’t be there can give you and your pets a happier life.

Monitoring your pet’s health

Watching the world from your pet's perspective is not just fascinating, but can be a key tool in providing your pet care and attention that they require. Sometimes it can only be revealed when you're not there. You may discover your cat is very unhappy with her new litter box, or that your dog is licking his paw nonstop and may be suffering from a seasonal allergy.

cat on the bed

Our pets can spend days in pain while we are unaware simply because they can’t tell us something is wrong. It’s only by paying careful attention to their behavior that we can put together the clues that our pet isn’t feeling well.

Without video evidence, we might not notice that our pet is sleeping too much or ignoring food. Cats are especially important to watch because they often try to hide sickly behavior. By catching clips of your pet’s sound and movement through the day, you can make sure they stay healthy and safe.

Petcube Care screenshot

If you have a senior or pregnant pet or a pet with a pre-existing condition, Petcube Care would be the perfect tool to monitor and track their health and activities.

Preventing bad behavior

No matter how well you pet-proof your home, animals will always find ways to get into trouble. There’s no way to predict every situation your pets could find themselves in, but you can be ready when it happens. Catching your dog destroying a TV or your cat getting trapped in a sofa can save a pet’s life. Activate Petcube Care to get notified within seconds on your phone about the mishap. Sound and motion alerts will help you immediately know when there’s trouble.

Our pets are like our children. We want the best for them, and this includes making sure they are safe. Petcube Care ensures pet security and allows you to stay calm knowing your fur babies are being monitored 24/7.

Finding how safe and secure your pet is when left home alone might prompt you to make some adjustments to your home. Cats and dogs can be surprisingly adept at opening cupboard doors and drawers. Once your pet gains access to these areas, he could consume anything he finds inside there, from cookies to cleaning products. With Petcube Care, you can provide rapid response when your pet is in emergency.

Protect your pet and home

In many situations, pet security will equal home security. In addition to making sure your pets are okay, Petcube Care makes sure that your home is safe and secure while you’re away. The motion and sound sensor will detect any noise, whether it's caused by your pet headed to its water dish or an intruder.

It is also a good way to check on your dog sitter or pet walker to make sure they come on time and treat your canine companion properly.

Whether you suspect misbehaviour, you’re worried, or simply curious, Petcube Care cloud video service will help you make sure your pet is happy and healthy. A free Petcube Care trial is included with every Petcube device purchase and starts when you activate your device. Access your Petcube Care subscription via the Petcube App on your phone and keep an eye on what matter the most!

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