Meowlux, a new luxury hotel exclusively for cats, recently opened its doors for the first time in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

This hotel’s guests get pampered in their own private, fully equipped, spacious and beautiful suites, each exquisitely designed as one of the world’s greatest vacation destinations. Their motto is “If you’re going on vacation, your cat should too!”

Meowlux hotel

Curious what a luxury suite entails exactly? Get ready to get jealous of your cat’s vacation the next time you head out of town. Here’s a list of features:

  • Flat Screen Televisions
  • In-Room Films of Fish & Birds
  • Premium Cat Tree
  • Climbing Shelves and Walkways
  • Cat Designed Toys
  • 2x Day Room Service
  • Lounging & Hiding Areas
  • Bottled Water
  • Climate Controlled Purified Air
  • Separate Designated Dining Area
  • Separate Designated Litter Area

Meowlux hotel playground

The hotel also offers interconnecting suites and a specially cat designed indoor playroom & gym. We’re super excited about this because they’ve partnered with us to equip their suites with Petcube cameras! So while you are traveling, if you miss your cat, you can check in on them from anywhere in the world using the free Petcube App and see how they’re doing.

That means you can talk and play with your cat from a remote island in the Mediterranean or while on a safari in Africa, all from the convenience of your phone.

Meowlux hotel photo Petcube

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