Dog wearing a pumpkin costume

Halloween is about tricks or treats, haunted houses, jack-o-lanterns, and fancy getups like a Batman costume for dogs or zombie costume for cats. Pet Halloween costumes are the new spooky trend. And why not? Even pets love the holiday. So take a back seat, and let Ringo and Rango do the strutting. Here are 22 pets who totally nailed their togs.

1. This pirate.

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2. This zombie dog.

3. Look! It’s Dogatello.

4. This "wheeking" dead.

5. This dog carrying a huge pumpkin.

6. This tiger in a dog costume.

7. This cow, err, dog.

8. Khaleesi’s dragon.

9. King Jon Snow.

10. This adorable panda.

11. This lobster cat.

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12. This modern-day Marilyn.

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13. This police cat.

14. This Trifrenchasaurus.

15. This dogbuster.

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16. This barktrooper.

17. Incredible Hulk.

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18. This bat dog.

19. This witch dog.

20. This Minion.

21. This blood-sucking frenchie.

22. And this cute couple.