Dog wearing a pumpkin costume

Halloween is about tricks or treats, haunted houses, jack-o-lanterns, and fancy getups like a Batman costume for dogs or zombie costume for cats. Pet Halloween costumes are the new spooky trend. And why not? Even pets love the holiday. So take a back seat, and let Ringo and Rango do the strutting. Here are 22 pets who totally nailed their togs.

1. This pirate

Halloween cat costume Grumpy cat

2. This zombie dog

3. Look! It’s Dogatello

4. This "wheeking" dead

5. This dog carrying a huge pumpkin

6. This tiger in a dog costume

7. This cow, err, dog

8. Khaleesi’s dragon

9. King Jon Snow

10. This adorable panda

11. This lobster cat

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12. This modern-day Marilyn

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13. This police cat

14. This Trifrenchasaurus

15. This dogbuster

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16. This barktrooper

17. Incredible Hulk

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18. This bat dog

19. This witch dog

20. This Minion

21. This blood-sucking frenchie

22. And this cute couple

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