Being curious animals, our pets may get lost sometimes, even if we take precautions. A study shows that 14% of dogs and 15% of cats that are owned in the United States get lost at least once within a 5-year period. Fortunately, there are products such as collars and trackers that can help locate our pets’ whereabouts when they get lost or go astray.

Among these products are the Fi Smart Dog Collar and the Petcube GPS Tracker, both of which feature advanced technologies to help locate pets in real time. Not to mention, these devices also have other features such as activity tracking and health and wellness monitoring, among other benefits. Let us get to know them both below.

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  1. Features of GPS Trackers
  2. Dimensions of GPS Trackers
  3. Cost and Subscription Plans
  4. How Long Does the Battery Last
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Features of GPS Trackers

Fi Smart Dog Collar

Described as the “new breed of dog collar”, the Fi Series 3 smart Fi dog collar helps keep your furry pal safe with its innovative live tracking features. At the same time, it helps keep them fit with steps and activity tracking, goals, and monitoring.

24/7 Tracking

With GPS and LTE-M Cellular network technologies, you can remotely locate your dog anytime and anywhere. The Fi Series 3 dog collar features GPS live tracking so you can instantly locate your dog, especially when they’re lost.

The Fi dog collar notifies you when your dog escapes, allowing you to track them quickly. When you’re out on a trip, Fi helps watch over your dog and give you peace of mind when you are traveling. When with a dog walker or at a doggie day care facility, Fi also sends notifications when your dog is picked up and when they are brought back.

Monitoring Activity and Goals

  • Tracking Steps & Activity
    Fi lets you track your dog’s steps and compare their activity with similar dogs. With the help of Fi, you can make step goals and set the right balance between activity and rest.

  • Monitoring Sleep
    Fi can also help you monitor your dog while they rest. Emerging health conditions may be detected through sleep patterns, and Fi’s sleep monitoring feature makes sure that you may be able to detect anything that’s out of the ordinary.

  • Keeping Your Pet In Shape
    Fi smart dog collar has a strain score that allows you to appropriately balance your dog breed’s activity, rest, and sleep.

GPS & LTE Technologies

The Fi Series 3 has 40% more GPS satellites. It makes use of 3 satellite positioning systems - GPS, Galileo, and GLONASS. These have a total of 78 active satellites around the world that can track your dog within a radius of 6 feet.

In addition, Fi is the first tracker collar that uses LTE-M low-power long-distance cellular network, with a signal reaching a distance of 30% more than conventional cellular networks. Moreover, the LTE network reach has even increased 2 times with the Fi Series 3, and obtained a 100% signal sensitivity that canlocate dogs even in extremely remote areas.

Escape Detection

Proprietary algorithms are used to be able to quickly and accurately detect and notify you if your dog happens to escape. That way, you’ll be able to safely recover your dog in the fastest possible way.

Strength & Durability

  • Waterproof
    Is the Fi collar waterproof? Fi Series 3 has IP68 & IP66K certifications, which is the highest standard for submersion and water pressure, so you don’t have to worry about it getting destroyed after getting wet.

  • Dirt and adventure proof
    With Series 3, the frame is twice as resistant to dirt and adventure compared to the previous model.

  • Industrial Strength
    Having a full stainless steel body frame that can withstand 400 lbs of static force, Fi Series 3 has industrial strength features that prevents it from being torn apart.

Petcube GPS Tracker

The Petcube GPS Tracker keeps you connected to your pet in real-time with unlimited LTE/4G connectivity. It provides accurate location updates and features light and beeper alerts for quick retrieval when your pet gets lost or goes astray. For additional security, you can also choose to receive location history insights and set virtual fences, as well Monitoring your pet’s wellness is also possible as the Petcube GPS Tracker can also track the distance traveled by your pet as well as the calories they burn.

Upon subscription, the Petcube GPS Tracker sends and receives GPS tracking location through local cellular networks that provides real-time tracking of your pet. The GPS Tracker can be used with a wide range of devices, being compatible with iOS 14+ & Android 7.1.2+ devices.

Live Location Tracking

Petcube GPS Tracker lets you follow a pin on an interactive map that shares your dog’s live location updates.

Light and Sound Alerts

The tracker features a sound buzzer and LED flashlight to provide more location clues

High Sensibility Tracking

When your pet goes astray or gets lost, the Lost Dog mode offers high sensibility tracking for fast and real-time location updates.

Setting Boundaries

  • Virtual Fences
    This feature helps prevent your dog from escaping. It allows you to define which places are safe zones and get alerted whenever your pet leaves or comes back for your peace of mind.

  • Setting Safe & No-Go Zones
    You can define safe places and no-go zones to set boundaries on where your dog can explore.

  • Swift Alerts
    When your dog goes beyond certain specified areas, get instant notifications to help retrieve your dog fast.

Keeping Your Dog Active & Healthy

  • Set Fitness Goals
    The tracker also allows you to set fitness goals for your dog and track their progress.

  • Track Progress
    Receive detailed reports of your furry pal’s activity including distance covered and calories they burn. Gather health insights to balance your dog’s routine.

Location History

Keep track of your dog’s routine. The Petcube GPS tracker records your dog’s explorations with accurate mapping.

  • Heat Map
    It determines how frequent your dog goes in certain locations.

  • Archive
    It lets you determine your dog’s favorite routes and places they’re interested in.

Health Services

When you avail of a premium subscription, you also get access to Petcube’s 24/7 online vet service where you can consult with certified vets in real-time

Design & Durability

  • The tracker is IP67 certified - a high standard for water resistance and durability
  • It’s lightweight and compact for a universal fit
  • It’s contained in a silicone case that’s flexible and glows in the dark
  • It can be mounted easily with its adjustable silicon loops

Dimensions of GPS Trackers

Fi Smart Dog Collar


  • Gray / Blue / Yellow / Pink


  • X Small
    9.5” x 11”
    3/4” wide collar

  • Small
    10.5” x 13”
    3/4” wide collar

  • Medium
    12.5” x 16.5”
    1” wide collar

  • Large
    15.5” x 22”
    1” wide collar

  • X-Large
    20” x 31”
    1” wide collar

Petcube GPS Tracker

The Petcube GPS Tracker is a small GPS tracker that’s lightweight and compact.

60 x 25 x 20 mm (L x W x H)

29 g

Cost and Subscription Plans

Fi Smart Dog Collar

The Fi Smart Dog Collar is available by membership, offering a lower cost to access the innovative technology without the need to pay a high upfront cost. They strive to continue offering new features, technologies, and benefits for their members.

When billed monthly, a subscription costs $19, but they also offer longer subscriptions for those who want to save. Below are the subscription costs:

  • Monthly - $19/month
  • 6 Months - $99 semi-annually
  • 1 year - $189 annually
  • 2 years - $339 biennially

If you have multiple dogs, you get 5% off on all Fi memberships & no activation fee.

Petcube GPS Tracker

The Petcube GPS Tracker costs $39.99, which requires a subscription. You can choose among the two subscription plans: Tracker Basic or Tracker premium

Tracker Basic

  • Monthly
    $12/month (total - $12)

  • Yearly
    $7/month (total - $84)

  • 2 Years
    $5/month (total - $120)

This plan includes:

  • GPS Live Location Tracking
  • 7 Days Location History
  • 7 Days Activity/Wellness

Tracker Premium

  • Monthly
    $8/month (total - $96)

  • Yearly
    $6/month (total - $144)

  • 2 Years
    $5/month (total - $300)

This plan includes:

  • GPS Live Location Tracking
  • Unlimited Location History
  • Unlimited Activity/Wellness
  • 24/7 Certified Vet Chat
  • Lifetime Warranty

How Long Does the Battery Last

Fi Smart Dog Collar

How long does the Fi collar battery last? The Fi collar has a battery life of up to 3 months upon fully charging. Fi Series 3 breaks records as a smart and power-efficient dog collar that you don’t need to frequently charge. This long battery life is made possible by its use of proprietary algorithms.

Petcube GPS Tracker

The Petcube GPS Tracker, on the other hand, has a battery life of up to 30 days on power save mode for undisturbed GPS tracking in real time. It also has a fast charging period of 1 hour.


The Petcube GPS Tracker and Fi Smart Dog Collar offer several benefits to help track pets and ensure their safety. Getting to know all the features above and how it can benefit your pet may help you make an informed decision when choosing a pet tracker for your furry companion.

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