In a world where our furry companions are cherished members of the family, their health and well-being hold utmost importance. However, life can be unpredictable, and unforeseen emergencies can strike even the most prepared pet owners. Enter Petcube's innovative initiative: an Emergency Fund designed exclusively to provide swift assistance to pets facing emergency medical situations.

Let’s dive into heartwarming stories that showcase how the Emergency Fund has come to the rescue when it counts, ensuring that beloved pets receive the timely care they need. (And pet parents are given the relief they need in such stressful times!)

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  1. Adina and Handsome
  2. Pamela and Storm
  3. Fallon and Sushi
  4. FAQs
  5. Conclusion

Adina and Handsome

Adina is the pet parent of quite the cat pack, with Handsome, Romeo, Nicky, and Piper. They’re all senior pets, aged twelve and above, and now and again they have a few gastrointestinal issues, mainly vomiting. The Emergency Fund offers $3,000 of emergency care for up to six pets in your household, so it makes sense if you’ve got a furry gang of your own.

One of the biggest benefits for Adina was the fact that Petcube pays the vet directly. With a different service provider, she had waited over three weeks for reimbursement.

Sadly, Adina didn’t find the Emergency Fund in time to save her precious kitten. Due to not being able to afford the high cost of surgery bills without insurance, the only option left was to let them pass over the rainbow bridge.

Hanan and Talissa

Poor Talissa the cat had been struggling with her health. At one year and three months old, she’d been giving off some weird smells and had a few other issues, which pet parent Hanan was desperate to sort out. Following a chat with Petcube’s 24/7 vets, Hanan could do just that.

Talissa needed to take a trip to the emergency room. Thanks to the fund's quick response, she underwent successful treatment and made a full recovery. What Hanan liked the most, however, was how the vet chat was saved, so it could be referenced at any time.

After spending time feeling guilty for not being able to take Talissa to the vet, Petcube’s Emergency Fund allowed a sigh of relief and a bit of breathing space. It also enabled Talissa’s timely treatment, turning what could have been a disaster into a heartwarming story of triumph.

Pamela and Storm

Gray-and-white Storm has the perfect name for a fluffy cat, and his pet parent, Pamela, had been the parent of several other cats over the years, so he was in great hands. Following a few health concerns, such as respiratory infections, tooth extractions, and minor issues, Storm had been pretty lucky in the health department. At ten years of age, he was getting to the end of what typical insurance providers would cover, especially at reasonable prices.

Thankfully, Pamela came across Petcube’s Emergency Fund after using Petcube Bites 2 Lite for a few years. What stood out for her was the easy language and simplicity, along with the easing of her burden. There’s no reimbursement time to worry about, deductibles, or co-pays. And there’s just one simple, easy price: $29 per month. It’s nice and simple emergency care coverage for the furry friends we all hold so dear.

What’s not to love about that?

Fallon and Sushi

It didn’t take long for Fallon to realize that insuring a 15-year-old dog wasn’t all that easy. With age-related arthritis, Sushi needed some kind of emergency care coverage, but conventional pet insurance quotes were out of Fallon’s budget. The cost of treatment without any coverage at all would be simply too overwhelming.
Thankfully, she discovered Petcube’s Emergency Fund.

Offering coverage for emergencies but without the hassle of mature dog insurance providers, it provided the perfect stand-in. But that’s not all.

Utilizing one of Petcube’s innovative Pet Cameras, Fallon could check in on her pup when they were acting strangely… and she also captured something very special indeed: the first steps of both of her children!

The list of benefits goes up in unexpectedly wonderful ways.


Is Petcube’s Emergency Fund complicated?

No, not at all! There’s just one simple cost: $29 per month. There’s also one simple stipulation: the fund only covers emergency, life-threatening situations. If you wouldn’t dial 911 for the human equivalent, the Emergency Fund is not likely to reimburse you.

How does it work?

Start a chat with a vet online, seek medical assistance within four hours if recommended, and have the bill paid by Petcube’s Emergency Fund immediately — no waiting around. It allows you to focus on your pet’s healing and removes the hassle that often comes with typical insurance policies.

How will I know if it’s an emergency?

Petcube will even take care of that for you, too. A simple chat with one of the 24/7 online vets will unlock all the information you need to know, including whether or not your furry friend needs urgent medical attention. Petcube really is taking the hard work out of emergency pet care.


Petcube’s Emergency Fund is a shining example of simplicity and ease, demonstrating that not all pet coverage policies are complicated or confusing. These stories of Fallon and Sushi, Pamela and Storm, and Adina and Handsome highlight the real difference the emergency fund has made in the lives of both pets and their human companions.

In times of distress, this fund not only provides financial assistance but also renews hope, reaffirming the strong bond between humans and their furry friends.

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