Cats can be wonderful and amusing companions. Each has his or her own personality, and many cats simply love to be with their humans. They also have a lot of curiosity and can quickly get into things that can be harmful. Owning one or more cats means that we need to do everything we can to protect them from harm.

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Though it may seem strange, your house may contain many items that could be potentially dangerous for your cat. As curiosity is an integral part of feline behavior, you will have to make sure that your pet does not injure itself while it is roaming about the house.

How best can we keep our cats safe at home?

We often keep a bunch of insecticide and other poisonous bug sprays in our home. You will have to store them in a place where your kitty is unable to access. The bad news is that cats are able to use their paws to open cabinets and doors, so the best thing you could do is to fasten your bottles and cabinet doors tight enough, and lock the doors if possible.

Do you have poisonous plants at home? If so, you should keep them somewhere high up that is out of reach of your furry friend. The plants that you should be wary of are daffodils, poinsettia, mistletoe, various kinds of ivy and morning glory. As a cat can jump high, you should choose the place with some care. In fact, if you are serious about keeping your kitty safe, you should consider keeping only non-poisonous plants at home.

Pet owners who also have dogs should train them before introducing them to the cat. Otherwise, the dog may conveniently take it as prey and try to harass it. This would be a traumatic experience for your kitty and will also leave unpleasant memories for you.

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Important points

To a lot of people, cats are not just pets, they are companions. Cats tend to care about the people that care for them. When a person is sick, the cat will keep you company and is very compassionate. They are quite independent and often left alone, but don't leave them too long without your attention and love.

As you leave your house, please be sure to provide your cat with a nice sleeping area that's comfortable and also do not forget to ensure that you feed your cat.

If your cat has the habit of playing in the toilet, you should consider keeping the toilet lid closed. This would protect your kitty from accidentally falling into the pan.

Another thing that you should remove from your household before you leave is plastic bags. If you are not careful, these objects can suffocate your cat. Cats can also sometimes swallow plastic, which may create a blockage in the stomach, just like dry cat food, or cause choking problems for your pet.

Some dangerous indoor items include electrical cords, in which the cats may become tangled or from which they may receive shocks. If you have a paper shredder, always unplug it when you are not actually shredding something and away from home. Pets have had serious accidents when they have licked or pawed the shredder, sometimes resulting in death. If you use candles, be sure that you never leave them unattended. Cats do knock them over, causing house fires. Candles that are entirely covered are safer, but still must be attended. A better alternative is battery-powered luminaries, many of which are inexpensive.

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Keep all plastic bags out of your kitty's reach, and cut both ends out of any plastic food bags that are thrown away. Pets have suffocated when they stick their heads inside a plastic food bag and could not get them out or breathe. Also keep children's toys, string, and any other small objects that can be chewed or swallowed safely out of your kitty's reach.

After you finish sewing or embroidery work, do not forget to clean up the place as your feline friend could get hurt by the needles. Similarly, you should clear up screws, nuts, and nails once you finish any home renovation work.


A cat is just like a baby. While it is able to give you countless hours of support and companionship, it is also your responsibility to provide it with a safe environment to live in.

About the Author: Evelyn Valdez is the creator of PlaywithMeow!, a community to connect, share and inspire other cat lovers around the world to make better lives for cats.

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