If you're looking for effusive, dedicated love, cats are simply the wrong place to go. These subtle creatures may not express their affection quite as emphatically (or slobbery) as their canine counterparts, but it doesn't mean that they don't care. Besides purrs, there are plenty of ways cats express their companionship, and if you're paying attention, you'll see your kitty's love shining through.

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Bringing you presents

Unfortunately, we're not talking about a new tie or a box of chocolates, but a kitty who loves its owner is likely to bring them gifts. From dead animals to stolen laundry, when your kitty brings you a gift, they're sharing the bounty with you and should be praised (which is sometimes hard when you wake up to a dead mouse on your doorstep.)

red hair cat

Butting heads

Although this term may be negative among humans, butting heads is a positive for cats. Known as "bunting," this behavior is almost like the kitty hugging you with its head. Although the behavior is cute, what your cat is really doing is marking you with pheromones that tell the world you belong to them.

If bunting is like a kitty's hug, then the slow blink is its kiss. Eyes are a big part of the way a cat communicates, and a direct stare can be seen as a threat out in the wild. When a kitty gives you a long slow blink, they're trying to communicate they're relaxed and non-threatening.

Tail twitching

A cat's tail is a perfect barometer for its mood, and if you know how to translate its motions, you'll have a ton of insight into your cat's condition. A tail that's twitching on the end is the highest compliment, while a violent swish is a great insult.

cat's tail language

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Showing its belly

In the wild, a kitty's belly is its most sensitive area. This soft and vulnerable spot is the access point to all their most important organs, and they don't expose it unless they feel absolutely safe. If your kitty is showing off her belly, it means she trusts you with her life.

Siamese cat

At the end of the day, all kitties are different and express their love in different ways. Just because your kitty isn't kneading its paws or purring in your ear doesn't necessarily mean they don't love you. These subtle creatures speak quietly but have lots to say if you're willing to listen.

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