Dog Sushi Costume For Halloween

Grab the chopsticks and the wasabi, because this Halloween you can dress your pup as your favorite Japanese snack. Because this tutorial uses felt and glue, there's absolutely no sewing making this costume cute and easy. Dress your dog deliciously kawaii this year by making this totally tasty disguise.

1 sheet black felt
1 sheet orange felt
2 sheets white felt
Hot glue gun

Draw and cut small arm holes on either end of one of the white sheets. This will make the main body of your costume and is the sushi rice.

diy dog sushi costume

Fold the orange felt side to side and cut it 75% of the way across, then cut the two sides apart so that you end up with two orange rectangles.

Glue the two rectangles together but leave one small side open. Flip this pouch inside out.

Take your other white felt and cut wide V shaped strips that will fit across your orange sushi fish. Glue each of the white strips to the inside out orange sushi meat.

diy dog sushi costume step 1

Fill the orange pouch with stuffing and seal it closed with glue.

Cute two strips from the black felt. Attach one strip to the top of the sushi meat, and attach the other strip to the first one to make one long strip that will wrap around your dog. Glue a piece of velcro on each end so that they will attach to one another.

diy dog sushi costume step 2

Cut out small oval shaped pieces andglue them to the white body to look like grains of rice.

Fit your dog's arms through the holes and run the black strip under their belly and velcro.

Remember! Felt isn't washer safe so use a cloth to wipe off any mess that happens while you trick or treat!

diy dog sushi costume step 3

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