Does your dog have almost as many outfits as you do? Are you totally notorious for having a spoiled pooch? Don't worry, we understand! If you're a proud dog mama and love to show it, and you and your furry bestie will love this collection of perfectly pink and cute gifts you can share. From enamel pins to doggy wine, this Christmas it's all about the dogs.

1) Reversible Harness - Frenchie Bulldog

This isn't just one outfit, it's two! This harness sports two of our favorite motifs: unicorns and space. Flip it over for a whole new look.

dog christmas present harness

2) Dog wine - Apollo Peak

This year you and your pet can hit the sauce - and we're not talking about the cranberry kind! This wine is technically alcohol free and made from beets, but it's still fun to give your doggy a treat.

3) Ice cream toy - Pridebites

Sweet treats may not be the best for our pets, but this ice cream is totally pet approved. Pridebites has an awesome line of food toys that will make it look like your pet is always snacking.

ice cream dog toy

4) Petcube Bites pet cam - Petcube

Food is love and nothing says "I love you" quite like the Petcube Bites. Not only does this interactive pet cam let you watch your pet, you can also throw them a treat!

dog christmas present pet cam

5) Matching Collars - Friendship Collar

Show the world that the two of you are friends forever with this matching collar and bracelet set. Talk about man's best friend!

dog christmas present collars

6) Pet beauty supplies - Pet Head

Make your dog smell like strawberry lemonade or have fur as silky as your own hair. This delicious-smelling line of pet supplies are by the same team behind Bed Head.

7) Frenchie fashion - What the Frenchie

Frenchies are arguably the trendiest dog, and you can hop on the trend without even having to deal with the snorts and farts! Designed by a frenchie owner, this totally adorable fashion line is all frenchie.

Frenchie fashion

8) Fast food toys - PetPLAY

The best part about this fast food is that it's totally calorie free! We especially love the pink milkshake, but the plush fries and burger are also totally cute.

dog christmas present toys

9) Custom print dog bed - Deny Designs

Who says pet stuff can't look totally awesome and modern? This company prints artists' work on to dog beds for a totally unique look.

10) Pink elevated dog bowl - Vivipet

Don't strain your poor baby's neck! This elevated feeder isn't just ergonomically great, it's also pink and totally adorable. It might even make the food taste better.

11) Dog enamel pin - Kiwihen

Show the world you're a total dog lover with awesome flair from Kiwihen. This super kawaii artists has a special love for corgis and creates cartoon pins that celebrate the stumpy dog.

dog christmas present corgi pin

12) Human-grade dog bed - Casper

Casper has totally reinvented the human mattress game so it only makes sense they'd take on dogs next. Give your dog the sweetest dreams this year with this super fancy dog bed.

gifts for a girl and her dog

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