Life with pets is an adventure filled with joy and unconditional love. Yet, amidst the laughter and play, unforeseen emergencies can strike, leaving pet parents anxious and seeking swift solutions. That’s where Petcube steps in, holding out a helping hand when you need it the most.

But don’t just take my word for it!

Stop Googling - Ask a Real Vet

Michael’s Story

Cat litter might not be the meal of choice for most people or animals, but for Michael the Persian cat, it was dinner. (A strange delicacy, for sure!) His owner didn’t know that at first, of course. Alarmed by their pet’s passive behavior and lack of appetite, they immediately sought guidance from Petcube’s qualified and friendly vets.

Michael’s parents were right to be concerned; ingesting cat litter is a medical emergency. Small ingestions are often harmless, but actively seeking out and eating cat litter can be a sign of anemia, Pica syndrome, leukemia, kidney disease, nutrient deficiencies, or anxiety and stress. Boredom can also make cats do strange things, as can curiosity. That’s why you should purchase non-toxic cat litter, just in case.

Following an online consultation, the Emergency Fund was unlocked. Michael’s case was an emergency, requiring urgent medical attention.

Thankfully, Michael is now tip-top and back to full health. His parents were grateful for the professional insight and reassurance and now feel better equipped to ensure Michael’s adventurous tastes are kept at bay!

Ben’s Story

Following a few digestive issues that wouldn’t go away, Ben the German Shepherd’s owner, James, contacted Petcube’s 24/7 vets for advice. James stated, "Sometimes explaining is hard for me since English is not my first language," and the video chat helped him relay all important information in a quick time.

Not just great for video purposes, Petcube’s Emergency Fund is also great value for money. For just $29 per month (less than $1 per day), subscribers have access to up to $3,000 worth of emergency veterinary care, with no complicated forms to fill out. A quick chat or video call with a vet will tell you whether you’re panicking for no reason or rightfully seeking medical advice in a genuine emergency.

You’ll be happy to know that Ben is well and thriving, and his digestive issues have ceased — just another healthy pet heading home with their happy owner!

Midgy and Suzy’s Story

Midgy and Suzi, two gorgeous Siamese cats, were introduced to us with what appeared to be a kitty cold — lots of coughing, spluttering, and sneezing. After previously visiting another vet, Elaine (Midgy & Suzy’s pet mom) got in touch with Dr. Paulina, one of the friendly vets on the Petcube team. The two precious pets weren’t given the time or care they deserved from the previous veterinary surgery, so Elaine needed a second opinion — and a longer, more thorough appointment.

After a thorough consultation during which Elaine was able to ask the questions she still had, Midgy and Suzy’s problem was resolved, and the two mischievous felines are right back to cause mischief again.

If you don’t feel right about the answers you’ve been given by a vet, seek a second opinion. Pet parents know their furry babies better than anyone else. Always follow your gut. In Elaine’s case, it might just have saved her cat’s life.

Leo’s Story


Leo is a Toy Poodle that we had the pleasure of meeting after pet mom, Iliah, consulted with our around-the-clock vets. Poor Leo had undergone surgery and was experiencing recovery complications, including a rapid heart rate. This can be indicative of pain in dogs, which is something no pet parent wants for their furry companions.

Tachycardia, the medical name for a rapid heart rate, can be caused by a variety of things post-op, including a side effect of medication, a bacterial infection, and unknown underlying conditions.

In Leo’s case, and plenty of others, a face-to-face visit isn’t necessary, which cuts out the cost of emergency vet appointments. This alone helped Iliah save around $500, and all for just $29 per month.

Luna’s Story

Poor Luna the Beagle had a horrifying run-in with another dog in the neighborhood, requiring urgent medical attention. Her owner wouldn’t have been able to afford treatment if they hadn’t signed up for Petcube’s Emergency Fund, which covered the cost of Luna’s care.

For older dogs and dogs with pre-existing medical conditions, pet insurance can be really difficult to get. This is where Petcube picks up the slack. With no restrictions (providing the situation is an emergency), you can even get emergency cover for dogs that are out of the age range for typical insurance providers.

The Emergency Fund also helps to keep things nice and simple, which is much needed in those high-stress situations. Simply make the call or start the chat, share your pet’s issue, and then follow the vet’s directions. If you’re not sure whether or not your pet’s problem is an emergency, they’re a great resource to have!


Petcube’s Emergency Fund is the five-star treatment you need when your pet’s health and well-being are at stake.

Remember, pets are not just animals we own; they are cherished members of our families. They provide us with unconditional love, companionship, and endless hours of entertainment. In return, they rely on us to meet their needs and safeguard their well-being. Let's take this responsibility seriously and prioritize their health and happiness.

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