Petcube Care, cloud video recording service

Petcube Care, our new cloud video recording service, just launched today. You can now capture and record your pet’s activities 24/7 through your Petcube pet camera. Have peace of mind that your pets are happy and safe when you’re away from home, no matter the time of day.

All your pet’s moments can be recorded in a chronological video timeline, so you never miss a thing! It captures videos when you play with your pets using the Petcube App. Recording is also triggered by sound, motion, or autoplay mode. Petcube Care filters out unimportant sound and motion events, so users only receive relevant notifications.

Petcube Care currently comes in three subscription models. All Petcube cameras come with a Basic free subscription. The two more advanced options include Optimal ($5.99 per month) and Premium ($14.99 per month). Don't forget that you can save by subscribing annually, reducing a monthly price to $3.99 for Optimal and $9.99 for Premium, respectively.

Here’s what beta users had to say about Petcube Care:

Petcube Care is amazing! I'm constantly fostering multiple special needs kittens at once. The Petcube allows me to check in on them at anytime. But the Petcube Care notifies me of any movement or sound and records it as a video. Most of the kittens that I have are being treated for severe illnesses or are just too little and have trouble learning how to eat on their own. I can look back through the videos that record and check to make sure that the kittens are moving ok, using the litter box and eating how they should. It really helps put my mind at ease while at work or away from the house. — C. Aronson

I got Petcube because of my two pugs, Plato and Bacon. I really liked how Petcube lets me check in on them from time to time, and the new Petcube care feature lets me look back not only on the entire history but on behaviors that I might not otherwise have caught. For example, it helped me see how Bacon, the puppy, bugs her other brother, Plato, who is 13. When I saw that she was stressing him out, I knew to keep them apart when I had to be away for a long time. It also lets me check to see who was responsible for what mess (it's usually the puppy). — A. Hung

Petcube Care has helped me solve some issues with my fosters I would have never been able to see without it. For example which kitten is the culprit not using the litter box properly, also which kittens need more work when we transition into dry food. It's an amazing tool for fostering kittens! — D. Chavez

Petcube Camera owners can activate a free trial of Petcube Care by updating their Petcube app via the App Store or Google Play Store. Then look for Petcube Care on the app’s home screen. Take it for a test drive today!

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