Adult cats are often overlooked as adoptable companions, which is really too bad, considering all of the wonderful benefits an older cat has to offer!

why you should adopt two cats at the same time

If you work out of the home a lot, two cats do a good job babysitting one another. They can play, clean each other and have chats like on the video below. Or, y’know, whatever cats do when humans aren’t around.

Adoption Basics

If you’ve come across two adults cats from the same litter, give it a lot of thought! Obviously, there are rare instances when only one can be adopted, but think twice before doing so: they’ve probably developed a close bond with each other, and you wouldn’t want to separate them now.

If the cats are from different litters, staff at shelters should be able to tell you if they’re a solitary, ‘loner’ kind of cat, or one that prefers the company of others. Adult cats have grown into their personalities and it’s much easier to tell if they’re more affectionate or aggressive with other cat peers.

Adopting two cats at once puts both of them on even playing fields. If you bring a kitten (or any cat, really) into the home of an older cat, there will definitely be a power imbalance. If you bring two adult cats home at the same time, it’s going to be more of a bonding experience for the both of them.


As I wrote earlier, adult cats are usually predictable in terms of personality. Kittens are a grab bag of nails, teeth and hunting practice. This behavior is probably going to keep you awake at night, and while that’s adorable at times, it can be devastating to your sleep cycle. If your cats are kept busy, destructive behavior is often kept to a minimum.

They’re not always going to be nice to one another. I mean, I’ve got two sisters and it’s a rare moment when our voices aren’t raised. It’s normal to get angry with someone who keeps tapping your face when you’re trying to sleep in the best patch of sunlight.

two cats might fight

Still, it’s normal for cats to wrestle and ‘attack’ each other. Without a best friend or brother/sister to play with, your cat may take out its natural instincts on you.


Finally, be sure that you have the financial means to take of two cats. After adoption (if that’s the route you’re taking), kittens are going to be pricier because you’ll need to get them spayed/neutered, dewormed and you’ll probably need to buy things like carriers and litter boxes. Many shelters already cover the cost of sterilization and shots for adult cats, so that’s a major benefit!

Check out this website for projected costs of cat ownership before you consider adopting any pet.

is it a good idea to adopt two cats

Getting two cats means double the love. Yeah, it can be a little more responsibility initially, but the affection you (and they) receive is well worth it. If you’re in the market for a new pet, consider two: you’ll be so happy you did!

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