doggy taco costume

Tired of sugary sweets this Halloween? How about a savory taco! This easy costume is made from felt and glue, so the entire thing is easy and no sew. We made our costume from a pack of 9 x 12 felt sheets, but you can easily adjust up measurements for your own larger or smaller dog. Take a trip south of the border for this tasty costume you and your dog will love.

1 sheet brown felt
1 sheet orange felt
1 sheet yellow felt
1 sheet green felt
1 sheet red felt
Hot glue gun

Fold the yellow felt in half endlong (or from top to bottom.) Using your marker, mark a circle the size of your dog's leg approximately 1/4 of the way from the left and about a centimeter from the fold (this distance will change depending on your dog's chest size). Flip the felt over and mark a matching circle on the other side. Cut out these circles to create leg holes for your pet.

Doggy Taco Costume step 1

With the yellow still folded in half, cut it into a half moon taco shape to create your shell.

Fold the green felt in half lengthwise (or from side to side). Starting from about an inch from the end, draw a half circle that goes all the way to about an inch from the other end. Cut both the sides at once so you come out with a large green circle. Cut wavy edges into this circle and then cut it in half to create lettuce leaves.

Doggy Taco Costume step 2

Lay out your yellow shell, and place a lettuce leaf so that is sticks out of the shell, and covers only half of the arm hole. Use your sharpie to mark on the lettuce leaf what parts to cut out to allow for the arm hole. Cut away this area, leaving a half circle cut out of your lettuce leaf. Repeat on the opposite side.

Doggy Taco Costume step 3

Use your hot glue gun to shoot glue on to the insides of the taco shell and lay lettuce leaves on it, aligning the sleeve holes.

Lay out your brown felt lengthwise and cut 1/5th of the end (again, this may vary based on your dog's size.)

Doggy Taco Costume step 4

Put a line of glue across the lettuce and attach on side of your brown felt to the taco. Measure your dog's back and decide where velcro closure needs to be to securely fit the taco on your dog. Attach one side of velcro to lettuce and other to brown "meat" felt, trim off any excess.

Garnish the top with small pieces of orange and red felt to look like cheese and tomatoes.

Doggy Taco Costume step 5

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