felting with cat hair
Most pet owners have no lack of pet fur. It's on our furniture, our clothes, and even up our nose sometimes. Ever wondered if there's something constructive you can do with all that hair? There is! Felting is a simple craft that makes use of all that shed to construct cute fabric objects. We'll be looking at how to felt a cute heart from pet hair.

Pet hair
Metal cookie cutter
Felting needle (this is different from a standard sewing needle! Look for the barbs)
Sewing needle
Embroidery thread

Start by brushing your pet and getting as much hair as possible. For this craft you may want to save your pet's hair for a bit.

how to felt cat hair

Lay your metal cookie cutter on the foam and begin to pack it with pet hair. Be sure that the hair is evenly distributed and you've reached every corner.

felting cat hair

Begin poking the hair inside the cookie cutter with your felting needle. This process is known as felting and helps bind all the fibers together with the felting needle's barbs. Try to work the needle at an angle to penetrate through more hair, and avoid going too deep and hitting the foam a lot.

DIY cat felting

When one side looks properly packed down and felted, flip the cookie cutter and begin felting the other side. You may need to flip several times before the heart is properly solid and felted.

crafting with cat hair

Thread your regular sewing needle with embroidery thread and run through the heart. Run about eight inches of thread through the heart and cut. Tie the threat to make a point for hanging.

cat hair crafting

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