From a lifesaver to a waste of money, pet insurance is a topic that divides the opinions of pet owners. In this article, I, Ivana Crnec, DVM, will weigh in and talk about the usefulness of having pet life insurance.

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  1. What Is Lifetime Pet Insurance
  2. Can You Get Life Insurance on a Dog
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What Is Lifetime Pet Insurance

Lifetime pet insurance, similar to human insurance, works by reimbursing owners when the dog or cat dies. "The pet insurance industry has experienced rapid growth in recent years," says a recent 2023 research paper.

You must understand the difference between pet life insurance and pet health insurance. Life insurance provides a death benefit in the case of accidental or illness-related fatality. Health insurance, like the Petcube Emergency Fund, offers $3,000 for emergency vet bills.

Lifetime pet insurance is new on the market and poorly understood. “I dont think there is a specific life insurance for pets and honestly it would almost certainly work out costing you more than just saving the money,” says a Reddit user.

However, “providing pet owners’ information about the costs and likelihood of disease can increase their willingness to pay for pet insurance,” concludes a 2021 study by Vet Record.

Can You Get Life Insurance on a Dog

Yes, you can get life insurance on a dog. The two types of lifetime insurance policies are:

  • Full Mortality Coverage: Flexible policy that reimburses owners in the case of death due to accidents or illness and in the case of theft.
  • Limited Mortality Coverage: Rigid policy that refunds owners if the death is caused by specific and pre-listed reasons like, for example, tornado, flood, or gunshot wound.

Lifetime insurance for pets should be considered in the following situations:

  • Working dogs such as show specimens that generate hefty incomes through breeding and product endorsement
  • Service dogs that are costly and hard to replace due to the extensive training and value to the owner
  • Dogs whose owners want to have them properly buried or cremated, which is expensive unless you have coverage

The main downside of lifetime insurance policies is their hefty price tag.

"The average cost is approximately $250-900 a year, which means that for a dog that lives ten years, you would spend $90,000 on premiums," says Kari Steere. a licensed insurance producer, in an article for PawlicyAdvisor.

Cat Insurance Lifetime Cover

Cat insurance is expensive, too, with the exact price depending on factors such as coverage amounts, included perils (full or limited mortality and theft), and the cat’s current age and overall health.

In many cases, health insurance is a wiser option for cats. The Petcube Emergency Fund is an affordable option covering emergency vet bills and 24/7 online vet access. You can use this link to get the policy at a 27% discount.


Think about the benefits of lifetime vs. health pet insurance to decide what is best for your dog or cat. Lifetime pet policies do not usually pay off unless you have a financially (not emotionally) high-value pet that is impossible to replace without monetary aid.

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