Valentine's Day is upon us, and love is in the air! It's no secret, we love our pets - so much that pet spending is predicted to reach $886 million this V-Day. We asked Petcube pet parents, and 65% of them will be getting a present for their four-legged companions while only 55% will be getting a gift for their partners.

Ever since our first Pet Love Valentine's Day Survey, we've known that for pet parents, pets come first. From letting them sleep in beds with us and showering our four-legged companions with gifts to taking them out on date nights and confiding in them, we love our furry companions to the moon and back. But can we go further?

This year's pet love survey revealed our relationships with pets are stronger than ever:

  • 66% of pet owners have put off a vacation for their pet
  • 77% miss their pet more than their partner when away
  • 80% find showing affection to a pet in public romantically attractive

For more adorable facts, check out our infographic below:

2019 Pet Love Infographic

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