Rachel Youens

Rachel is a professional cat lady who has turned her love of pets into a job and loves to talk about sassy cat style.

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— Rachel Youens
These Funny Dogs Were Caught on Hidden Pet Cam

Think your dog is sleeping all day while you're gone? Think again. A bored doggy can be a mischievous doggy, and »

— Rachel Youens
9 Special Cats To Inspire Your Instagram Feed

Not every kitty is made alike, but they're all made perfect! These 9 cats prove that no matter how different your »

— Rachel Youens
8 Amazing Facts About Kittens

Sure they're fuzzy and cute, but they're also just a little bit weird. Don't be fooled by their adorable expressions, kittens »

— Rachel Youens
Do You Know Your Official State Dog?

We have state flags and state flowers, but did you know a few states even have official state dogs? In 1964 »

— Rachel Youens
Independence Day Pet Safety Checklist

Between July 4th and 6th, U.S. shelters see a 30 - 60% increase in intake. Scared pets panicking from the »

— Rachel Youens
Meet The Adventurous Cats That Love To Hike, Swim, and Climb

Why should dogs get all the off leash adventures, hikes, and fun? Cats may have a public image as one of »

— Rachel Youens
13 Pieces of Cat Typography Worth Sharing

From the wise to the wacky, cats have been inspiring us for ages and even their stern little expressions seem to »

— Rachel Youens
12 Dogs Who are Just as Into Wonder Woman as us

Wonder Woman is taking the world by storm, but it isn't just the human ladies catching the girl power. These dogs »

— Rachel Youens
10 Dogs Addicted to Starbucks Puppuccinos

Did you know that if you go to Starbucks with your dog and ask for a "puppuccino" they'll give your pooch »

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