As pet owners, keeping our pets safe and healthy is essential. With increasing pet care costs and the possibility of emergencies, pet insurance or its alternatives can help ease the worries.

According to Dr. Sarah Gorman, managing veterinarian at Small Door Veterinary in New York, “Insurance helps cover the unanticipated costs of pet ownership and can be a huge relief for owners as they typically cover 80-90% of the costs, depending on the plan."

Below, we'll be comparing Petcube Emergency Fund and Fetch Pet Insurance to help you choose the one that best fits your pet's needs.

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  1. What is Covered By The Insurance
  2. How Many Pets Can Be Insured
  3. How Much Does The Insurance Cost
  4. How to Cancel Pet Insurance
  5. Conclusion

What is Covered By The Insurance

Petcube Emergency Fund Coverage

Petcube’s Pet Emergency Fund provides coverage for life-threatening pet emergencies, such as choking, toxin ingestion, severe injuries, and more. The coverage ensures immediate medical care regardless of age, breed, or pre-existing conditions. However, it strictly applies to emergencies and not scheduled checkups or treatments. A team of certified vets evaluates each case to determine eligibility for the fund, ensuring pets receive prompt and necessary care in critical situations.

Fetch Pet Insurance Coverage

Fetch Pet Insurance provides comprehensive coverage for your pet, ranging from accidents, illnesses, diagnostics & treatments, well-being, and more.

In case of accidents, Fetch can support both you and your pet. And should illness strike, checkups are covered too. From diagnosis to treatment, Fetch provides support throughout. You also have the option to avail of a Wellness add-on to further ensure your pet’s well-being.

How Many Pets Can Be Insured

Petcube Emergency Fund

A subscription with Petcube Emergency Fund covers up to 6 pets for one emergency per year. It's a practical choice for protecting multiple pets during unexpected crises, offering peace of mind without the complexities of traditional pet insurance.

Fetch Pet Insurance

Every policy covers 1 pet, but you can have multiple policies under one account at Fetch. Each one will have a separate premium.

How Much Does The Insurance Cost

Petcube Emergency Fund Cost

For less than $1 a day, Petcube Emergency Fund offers an affordable alternative to pet insurance at $29 per month. With coverage up to $3000 per emergency for up to 6 pets once every year, it includes access to round-the-clock online vet consultations with certified professionals, ensuring peace of mind and prompt care anytime, anywhere.

Fetch Pet Insurance Cost

How much is Fetch Pet Insurance? For dogs, plans start at an average of $35/month, while cat plans begin at just $20/month. You may also customize your coverage by selecting the deductible, maximum annual payout, and reimbursement rate that best suits your pet’s needs and your budget.

How to Cancel Pet Insurance

Petcube Emergency Fund

For subscription cancellations of your Petcube Emergency Fund, please email or contact the Administrative Team at +1-833-351-8987. Indicate the names of both the pet owner and pet for faster processing.

Fetch Pet Insurance

If you want to cancel your Fetch pet insurance subscription for any reason, you can call them at 866.509.0163. They can customize a plan that’s fit for your pet’s needs and your budget, but if you still wish to cancel, you may contact the said number as well to process your cancellation.


Choosing the right pet insurance can be overwhelming with so many options available. Understanding each provider’s offerings will help you decide which one best suits your needs, whether for emergency coverage, initial insurance, or more.

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