pit bulls are the perfect pet for kids and pets

Today pit bulls have gained a terrible reputation. Many apartment buildings won't accept them and some countries, like Australia, have outright banned them. But before pit bulls were known as fighting dogs, they were actually known as "nanny dogs."

In the 1900s pit bulls were considered an excellent part of a family, and would be expected to play with and protect children. Contrary to the killer image these dogs have received, pitties can be intelligent, gentle, and very loyal to their owners. In fact, the exact qualities that have led to pit bulls being exploited for fighting are the same ones that make them perfect for families.

Pits are extremely loyal and live to please their owner. This is what pit bull activists mean when they say "it's not the breed, it's the deed." If a pit bull is ordered to watch a child or protect a house, he'll gladly do it for his beloved owner. By the same token, if he's ordered to fight to the death, he'll do the same.

pitbulls are nanny dogs

Pits also have extremely high pain tolerance. This makes them ideal around children who might be tempted to tug their tail or pet them just a little too hard (although all children should be taught how to properly respect animals.) This pain tolerance makes pit bulls extremely patient with their charges, but also great in the fighting ring.

Still don't believe us that pitties can be sweethearts?

Meet Maggie. This pit bull mix has helped foster dozens of kittens, and her presence actually makes them safer and more adoptable. That pain tolerance makes her immune to kitty's tiny claws and teeth, and she has the intelligence to know when a tiny kitten requires more gentle play.

meet maggie the nanny dog

In addition to being a good nanny to the kittens she's charged with, time spent around a dog makes these kittens more adoptable because they can be introduced to families with an existing dog in the household.

Forget the hype about these dangerous dogs. Pitties and kitties (or kiddies) can be the perfect match.

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