Animals are smarter than we give them credit for. We may think that they're too preoccupied with playing with toys and licking themselves to ever discover the pet camera, but we would be wrong. These ten pets are totally on to their paw-rents and discovered the hidden pet cam.

  1. "Hmm, it's going to be harder to blame things on my brother now."
    cat looking at camera

  2. "Wait, does this mean she knows we puked in the laundry hamper?"
    two cats caught on camera

  3. "The house party is canceled Coco, they're on to us."
    cat discovered a pet cam

  4. "Read my lips hooman: BRING TREATS"
    cat asking for treats

  5. "Hey! This isn't an episode of Candid Camera"
    cat staring at camera

  6. "Umm, that wasn't just me who peed on the me...don't look at the tape."
    close-up cat near a camera

  7. "Why do you want to watch me? You do realize I sleep like 20 hours a day, right?"
    cat caught on camera

  8. "How'd you fit in that tiny box, mom?!"
    dog discovered a pet cam

  9. "Spying on me, huh? Expect a little 'gift' in your shoe in the morning"
    cat staring at camera

  10. "I miss you. Come home soon!"
    dog looking at pet camera

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