From time to time, dog owners may see their pets chewing or biting their paws. This is normal for dogs and can be part of their grooming routine or game. Also, a dog chewing on their paws can pick up stones from their paws or just clean them in this way.

But if you see your furry friend chewing their nails or paws too persistently or often, accompanied by other signs, it may mean that your dog needs a consultation with a veterinarian.

Below, we have prepared for you all possible reasons for dogs chewing and biting their paws and nails. In addition, you will learn in which cases it is better to consult a veterinarian and how to help your dog.


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Why Do Dogs Bite Their Paws

There are many reasons why dogs bite their paws. Abnormal reasons for paw licking and chewing include:


Allergies are the answer to the question "Why do dogs chew on their feet?". Allergies can be accompanied by red and itchy skin and paws. These unpleasant sensations cause the dog to lick its paws frequently and repeatedly to relieve the pain. Despite popular belief, environmental allergies are much more common in dogs than food allergies.

So, you should not exclude this reason from the list of possible ones. You can also buy a Petcube Camera to observe your kid anytime and anywhere. With this device, you will know exactly what your dog did during the day and what could have caused allergies.

Over-the-counter antihistamines are unfortunately not very effective for most dogs with allergies. The best choice is to consult with a vet and choose the most effective medicine.

Injuries and pain

Dogs do not have protective shoes and can easily injure their paws. Especially if they often walk on a hot or rough surface, like gravel. Also, pets sometimes step on acorns, rocks, or other small objects that become lodged between their toes.

Another reason dogs bite their paws is pain. Licking and paw beating are often observed in animals suffering from arthritis. In most cases of joint pain or arthritis, there will be no obvious redness or swelling noticeable on the outside of the paws unless they lick the area raw. But only a veterinarian can make an accurate diagnosis with X-rays.


According to People's Dispensary for Sick Animals study, your pet may bite and chew all four feet if they have mange or fleas. Parasites bite your dog and leave the skin red and inflamed. Then the dog tries to scratch themselves or remove fleas by chewing.

Unfortunately, owners often cannot help their dogs. Because they may not notice or determine the parasite. Contact a veterinary team that can professionally neutralize them and help your four-legged friend.

Paw Pad Disorders

Just like human skin, dog skin needs care. Sometimes dogs get corn or have problems with their skin and pads due to autoimmune diseases. In such cases, the paw’s skin becomes dry, cracked, and damaged. It’s painful, so our canines try to fix this problem by licking or chewing one paw.

Treatment for these conditions will depend on the underlying cause. For example, a vet can advise you to surgically remove the corns. If it’s about an autoimmune disorder, a biopsy may be needed. But actually, over-the-counter paw balm is usually an effective remedy for dry or cracked paws.

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Why Does My Dog Bite Nails

In fact, if a dog bites their paws, they often do it with their nails too. So these two symptoms go hand in hand. Why do dogs bite their nails? Let’s read together.


If you see that your dog is obsessed with biting nails and lately not so active and happy, it may be a sign of anxiety. Anxious pets do it to calm themselves down. I can't say the exact cause of your dog's stress, but I know that the dog trainer and vet can find the best way to relieve your pet’s stress.


If your vet has ruled out all possible problematic causes of licking and biting, it's boredom. Dogs do that when they have too much energy. Try to spend more time with your pet. You can also make the walks longer or buy motorized toys.

Stop Googling - Ask a Real Vet

It’s time for grooming

Sometimes, by biting their nails, your kid wants to say that it is time for grooming. Perhaps the nails have become too long or have been damaged during a walk.

How Can You Get Your Dog to Stop Chewing Nails

It would be logical to ask "How do I get my dog to stop chewing his paws?". If you want to stop your dog from biting their paws or nails, you need to find the cause of this behavior. A veterinarian can best handle this task. Before you see your vet, you can apply an Elizabethan collar to your child. It will help prevent your dog from reaching their nails and paws.

Wrapping your pet’s paws is usually not a good idea. Your dog may rip off or eat the bandaging, and as a result, they will have an intestinal obstruction.

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Why does my dog chew his paws at night?

Actually, it could be due to all of the above reasons. Most often, itching increases at night due to allergies or parasite bites. You can give your pet antihistamine tablets to help and go to the doctor in the morning.

But for some emergency situations, it’s a good solution to use the Pet Emergency Fund. With this animal insurance, you can get 24/7 vet support anywhere and protect all your pets from emergencies for less than $1 per day. Subscribe now and receive compensation for the treatment of your dog or cat.

Why does my dog chew his leg until it bleeds?

When the animals are irritated due to itching and unpleasant sensations, they can chew themselves persistently until their legs start to bleed. Contact a veterinarian immediately to help the dog.

Why does my dog bite his back paws?

If it is not physical damage to one paw, then your dog may chew on the back paws as well, or even all four. This indicates some disease or allergy that affects not a separate part of the body but the whole body.


You should not immediately panic if your dog hits its nails or bites its paws. Pay attention to the general condition of the pet and other signs. If you see that your pet is obsessed with scratching, biting, and chewing their paws until they bleed, contact a vet. He will help find the real reason for this and eliminate it.

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