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10 Facebook Live Videos To Inspire You To Stream Your Pet

Live streaming is the latest social trend. Your pet can now join the crowd. Now your Facebook friends and family can see what your fur babies are up to - when you decide to share them live. Petcube empowers your four-legged companions to broadcast live on Facebook.

New Way To Connect With Other Pet Lovers

Caught your furry kid doing something cute, hilarious, or weird on pet camera? With Petcube's new live streaming feature, you can share that awesome moment in real time with other pet lovers out there! While you might feel uncomfortable going live, your pet won't. That Kitty or Fido of yours will surely enjoy the attention and recognition they deserve.

Live Stream For A Cause

There are many kittens and pups looking for forever home. You can help bring attention to pets in shelters by broadcasting them live. Who knows, maybe one of your friends or followers will consider adopting that cute fur ball chasing the laser in your video?

Sharing is caring

Thinking live streaming is not your thing? There's a plenty of other pet parents and lovers who would love to do it for you. Share access to your Petcube pet camera and ensure hours of entertainment starring your heartwarming companion. Your pet will never get bored!

Seeing is believing, they say. Watch these 10 Facebook Live videos of pets that will get you want to broadcast your furry kid right away.

1. Ever wondered what your kitty's up at night?

2. No rush, finish that beer.

3. A kitten a day keeps the sorrow away. Here's a pile!

4. OMG, this playroom!

5. The art of not giving a paw.

6. One very determined cat.

7. Laser relay.

8. Cute laserbusters.

9. Where did it go? Let's check the yard.

10. It's not all cats and dogs, you know.

Petcube is the first HD pet camera to broadcast live on Facebook. With a commitment to reimagining pet care, Petcube continues to drive innovation in the Connected Pet space and is gearing up for the forthcoming commercial release of its interactive treat cam, Petcube Bites.

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